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Fw: [AIMDDA] MCI Sub-Committee meeting held on 13.11.2009 reg BRMS

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    Dr. Prasad Pore Pune Mobile No. 9921073540 ... From: aimddoctorsassociation Subject: [AIMDDA] MCI Sub-Committee meeting held
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      Subject: [AIMDDA] MCI Sub-Committee meeting held on 13.11.2009 reg BRMS
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      Date: Saturday, 30 January, 2010, 19:44

      Report of the Members of the Sub-Committee meeting held on 13.11.2009 to
      take stock of the alternative/ innovative undergraduate medical education model,
      readied by the Council for its update with reference to its operationalisation.
      A standing mechanism should be created for periodic update of the curriculum for the
      BRMS course, so as to make it timely and relevant and also commensurate with long-term
      requirements. Emphasis should be given to the appropriate inclusion of various
      National Health Programmes at all the three phases of the study.
      District Hospital would have bed strength of not less than 300, of which 100 in
      Medicine & Allied specialities, 100 in Surgery & Allied specialities, 50 for Obst. &
      Gynae. and 25 for Paediatrics & Orthopaedics respectively for the intake of 50. For
      intake of 25, it would be 150 beds of which 50 would be in Medicine, 50 in Surgical
      specialities, 30 for Obst. & Gynae. and 10 for Paediatrics & Orthopaedics
      respectively. However, for North East and hilly regions the requirement would be
      100 beds for the intake of 25 and 150 beds for intake of 50.
      Each Medical School will have a full time (1) Principal/Dean, (2) Medical
      Superintendent, (3) Professor/Associate Professor as Head of the Department (in any
      case not below the rank of Associate Professor, (4) minimum 1 (one) Medical Officer
      in pre and para clinical departments like, Anatomy, Physiology & Biochemistry,
      Pathology & Microbiology, Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine and Community
      Medicine as assigned faculty and in clinical departments like Medicine and Allied
      disciplines, Paediatrics, Surgical & Allied disciplines, Orthopaedics, Obst. & Gynae.,
      each teaching clinical unit will have 2 (two) Medical Officers as assigned faculties
      except Unit-I which would be headed by the head of the concerned department and
      (5) visiting faculty (not more than 20% of total faculty strength).
      The Executive Committee further decided that in order to have a wider consultation from
      the relevant stakeholders a National workshop be convened in the month of February,2010 at
      New Delhi seeking participation of Vice-Chancellors of various Health Sciences
      Universities/ Deemed Universities, Director, Medical Education of various States and
      Deans/Principals of all the medical colleges in the country.
      2. Minutes of the last meeting of the Executive Committee – Action taken thereon.
      The Executive Committee of the Council noted the action taken on the minutes of the
      Executive Committee meeting held on 1 st December, 2009.

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