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Re: [iapsm_youthmembers] Fw: Manifestos of political parties for 2009

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  • vinod Immidisetty
    Dear all, I had gone through the Suggestions from Academic Institutions and NGOs for Health issue to be included in Manifestos of political parties for 2009
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 17, 2009
      Dear all,
      I had gone through the Suggestions from Academic Institutions and NGOs for Health issue to be included in Manifestos of political parties for 2009 Lok Sabha Elections and liked them very much.
      Develop National Public Health Administration Services this is the best one and we can also add to this:
      We have 3 tier hospitals(primary, secondary, tertiary) but the services provided in AIIMS for simple interventions which are possible in a Primary Health Centre do not match. We should go for management in the lines of corporate hospitals, that the services be it any should have the same quality for any patient at any tier of services.

      The quality of services should trickle down. The basic services which are given in a primary health centre should match the services in any corporate hospital/ AIIMS.

      I know a hospital which does this: LV Prasad hospital in Hyderabad. ( There are many examples)They have Vision Centres in villages and the quality of services in a vision centre are similar to the satellite hospital and secondary , tertiary hospitals. The cataract care /refraction care for a poor and a rich are similar.

      The investigation for the patients should be similar to any benchmark.

      Eg: the quality of sputum examination for Tuberculosis is not very good in a village level. The quality for malarial slides are not good. The doctor in a  PHC does not get quality support. He does not have quality security for himself. The PHC should be a miniature AIIMS/whatever is the benchmark not a necessity what is happening now.
      Dr I.Vinod

      On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 6:56 PM, ganesh kumar <gane_spm@...> wrote:


      Healthcare in india is complex and non-integerated within its services which lead to poor management and poor outcome. The yardsticks we had in our system is inadequate to evaluate our services since of its poor documentation which lead to medical blunders rather than just errors.
      Hence certain strategy has to be effected upon our existing system to correct the above-said.
      One such which is evidence based is "Implementation of IT in health care in public health sector and health care management".
      Several studies prove that the IT will reduce medical errors and cost effective over the present situation like developing country india, which really make a great leap over the welfare of the people.

      The domains which play and the way it impacts differs, which is worthwhile to consider in our healthcare system.

      P.S: But, if these things are considered not only in manifesto we will be really thankful to whom creates the change otherwise again its just a passing chain of thoughts over to a bin.







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      From: Niraj Pandit <drniraj74@...>
      Sent: Monday, 16 February, 2009 4:39:44 PM
      Subject: [iapsm_youthmembers] Fw: Manifestos of political parties for 2009

      I got mail from Prof Dilip from IIM Ahmedabad. He has very good thought and right time to take up this issue. I think that all members of group will comment and take it seriously.
      Give your inputs.
      Best of Luck
      Dr. Niraj Pandit
      Assistant Professor,
      Deptt of Community Medicine,
      C. U. Shah Medical College,
      Mo- 9825371135
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      Sent: Saturday, February 14, 2009 6:41 AM
      Subject: [healthforum] Re: new members

      Dear Colleagues:
      Public health in India is not progressing fast as there is little political commitment to it. To improve this situation I have developed a small list of suggestions for political parties for inclusion in thier manifestoes for the 2009 Lok Sabha election.
      This list is given below. Please give me your suggetions. My email address is dileep@iimahd. ernet.in, Please copy to Dr. Tapasvi at em drtasvi@gmail. com
      We need to finalise this quickly and send to all the political parties.
      Yours sincerely
      Prof.. Dileep Mavalankar.
      Center for Management of Health Services
      IIM Ahmedabad.
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      Suggestions from Academic Institutions and NGOs for Health issue to be included in Manifestos of political parties for 2009 Lok Sabha Elections:


      1. India has one of the world's lowest levels of Public expenditure on health leading to very high mortality, disease burden and increasing poverty due to ill health. Public health expenditures must be increased to 4 % of GDP from the current level of 1.2%. The central and governments have to take clear action in this direction and publish the public health expenditure as percent of GDP each year.
      2. Central government must expand social health insurance (Rastriya Swathya Bima Yojana providing coverage up to 30,000Rs in one year for the whole family for indoor treatment) to all SC, ST, OBC, land less groups as well as domestic servants, workers of unorganized sector and people earning less than 10,000 Rs per month in urban years.
      3. Revamp the Registration of Birth act and rules and death and ensure all births and deaths is registered all over India and that the data are analysed and published within 4 months of the finishing of the year – currently registration is incomplete and it takes 2-3 years to publish the data. All deaths must be analyzed by cause and the statistics made public evey year.
      4. Pay special focus to maternal and child health.. Using evidence based interventions in rural and remote areas and in vulnerable communities ensure that MMR and IMR goes down rapidly to the level of a developed country in next 10 years. Ensure 100% Skilled birth attendance by midwife or doctor, universal ANC, PNC and child immunization, 100% treatment of diarrhea and pneumonia in children.
      5. Revamp ICDS to focus on rapid control of child and maternal malnutrition.
      6. Ensure 100% availability of safe water in each village and habitation and 100% access to sanitary toilets to all households and at all public places.
      7. Rapid control of infectious diseases such as malaria, TB, other infectious disease caucusing death due to fever.
      8. To reduce suicides ( 1.2 lakh per year now) expand national program to Mental health to all district and sub-districts, increase its funding substantially and involve NGOs and academic institutions in this effort.
      9. Make prevention and treatment of chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease and neurological disease available thought all PHCs, and CHCs.
      10. Develop National Public Health Administration Services on lines of IAS, PPS and other all India Services. These officers will be staffing key district, city and national public health and health administration positions.
      11. Set up national commission on Human Resources Development for health which will develop policy framework for planning, developing, deployment, rewarding, and ensure quality of health staff (human resources – doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, nurses, midwives, medical technicians, ph) needed for the nation over next 25-40 years.
      12. Develop system of "Ombudspersons" ("Aroya Lok-pal"), at sub-district, district, state and national level who will be empowered for public grievance re-dressal in the health sector.
      13. Develop and enact national Public Health Act for ensuring health of the people in 21st centaury.

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      On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 9:24 AM, <hfgujarat@gmail. com> wrote:

      Health Forum welcomes all new members
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