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549Nutritional rehabilitation Centres ( NRCs) in central India

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    Nov 2, 2007
      Dear All, 


      You all are aware about the nutritional status of Indian children. Latest NFHS data confirms the fact that there has been no significant improvement in the nutrional status over the years in the poor. Malnutrition has been the underlying cause of child mortality..


      One of the interventions to help reducing the mortality for garde 3/4 children is giving them ready to use therapeutic feed (RUTF) and/or nutritional supplements.


      Nutritional Rehabilitation Centres has been established by UNICEF in parternship with state govts. There is a facility for feeding to the under 5 malnourished children based on Standard Nutritional guidelines; providing clinical treatment to sick children; weighing them daily, giving them playful environment etc. ICDS/Health deptts play a key role.


      There are at present 40 such NRCs running in MP, two in Bihar, at least three in Rajasthan and so on. Under NRHM, the state governments have got the approval for setting up such centres in more numbers basically at the district level.


      I encourage one and all to visit these centres, if possible, and give your critical inputs for the improvement. Academically, the utility of these centres can also be studied.  


      I am sure that IAPSM can play a greater role in reducing malnutrition by different interventions and NRCs is just one such approach.




      Dr Om Prakash Kansal
                           M.D.(Community Medicine),
      Health Officer,

      UNICEF Field office for Bihar,

      8, Patliputra Colony,



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