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  • Manasee Panda
    Oct 5, 2007
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      Dear Dr.Chopra,
      Thanks for the information.
      But i am not worried about thr theory class of 1st semester students.Here in our college in 1st and 2nd semester they have 1hr  theory class.Also they have 2hr fieldposting once in a week.I am worried about that field posting. I will also wait for more information from others about what is happening in their institutions.
      Here in our deptt we have developed field record for the students which is helpful to them from 3rd semester onwards.
      I thank you again for the information.
      with best wishes
      Dr manasee panda
      amit chopra <anginaplus@...> wrote:
      Hello Dr. Manasee Panda Madam,
                                 I am studing II year MD -PSM in Jabalpur Medical College.
      Madam,  here also the same timing is followed, i.e. 2 hours/week( 2 classes of 1 hour each)
      I also think, Ist year students are too busy in their activities- and they have to study hard to pass all the three subjects in their first attempt, otherwise they will detained for 6 months.
      rest is fine.
                                                                                                    Dr Chopra

      Manasee Panda <manaseepanda@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      Dear all,
      I want some suggestions . I want to know what is the curriculum for the Ist semester MBBS students in  community posting in your respective institutions. For the last 4 years they came once or twice and then  dissappear to remain busy in Anatomy.Physiology and Biochemistry classes.They again turn up in 3rd semester.This  year I am alloted that class that is , 2 hours in a week.
      Please suggest so that I can plan.accordingly.
      with regards
      Dr Manasee Panda

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