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4744Re: [hosp_admn_india] Happy Independence Day!

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  • surendernikhil gupta
    Aug 16, 2014
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      Very right you are. Great greetings on 68th Independence Day!
      Dr. S. Nikhil Gupta,
      FIMS;MAE (Epidemiology); OCCRTI
      HFA_PHC_Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA;
      Com_Ch_Public health,
      Johns Hopkins University, USA;
      MSData, University of Toronto, Canada;
      ITHS_University of Michigan, US;
      Bloomberg School of Public Health,Johns Hopkins University;

      Bloomberg School of Public Health,Johns Hopkins University
      District Program Officer (AIDS, RSBY, Civil Works etc.), 
      CMO office, Kangra at Dharamshala_HP
      -International Editorial Board Member_African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology;
      -Hony. Editor, American Journal of Public Health Research
      -Member_National Editorial Advisory Board_
      *Indian  Journal of Trauma and Emergency Pediatrics
      -Editorial Board Member
      *Wudpecker Journal of Medical Sciences;

      *Journal of Environmental Science & Water Resources;
      *World Journal of Medicine and Medical Science Research;
      -Editor-In-Chief; Pediatric Education and Research

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      Subject: [hosp_admn_india] Happy Independence Day!

      Dear All,
      Greetings on India's 68th Independence Day!
      As we celebrate the 68th Independence Day, let us remember those who toiled for our freedom and also look ahead and work towards a strong, developed and inclusive India.

      With best wishes and regards!

      Dr Sanjeev Sood
      Hosp Health Systems Admistrator
      NABH Empanelled Assessor