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4739Simple difference between qualitative v/s quantitative variable/data

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  • irfan momin
    Aug 5, 2014
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      Good morning everyone,
      Here I would like to share one concept, which came into my mind when I was teaching undergraduate students of my college.

      Simple difference between qualitative v/s quantitative variable/data

      Generally what we have learned is as follow:

      Quantitative variable/data
      Qualitative variable/data
      Measured facts
      Counted facts
      Weight = 50 kg, f = 4
      Gender = Male, f = 5
      Pulse rate = 62 per minute, f = 3
      Religion = Islam, f = 3
        f = Frequency 
      But quantitative data can be both continuous and discrete as for example, weight is continuous variable and pulse rate is discrete variable.

      Now coming to the simple difference: (It came into my mind; I have not gone through literature):

      Quantitative data = When the observation comes in numbers it is quantitative data/variable.

      Qualitative data = When the observation comes in texts / words it is qualitative data/variable.

      So during teaching if we first tell them this simple difference it will become very easy for them to understand the difference.

      Thanks and Regards.

      Dr. Mohmmedirfan H. Momin
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      Community Medicine Department,
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