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4700Re: [iapsm_youthmembers] Point of query for placing of polio vaccine from vaccine carrier during the session (latest guidelines)

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  • irfan momin
    Apr 29, 2014
      BCG and Measles will be kept in the holes and polio will be kept on the ice pack  but not in the holes. but if hole are empty then it will be kept in holes.
       Thanks and Regards.

      Dr. Mohmmedirfan H. Momin
      M.D. (P.S.M.)
      Assistant Professor,
      Community Medicine Department,
      Government Medical College,
      Mob: +91-9426845307
      Fax: +91-261-2230155
      On Saturday, 19 April 2014 12:07 AM, surendernikhil gupta <drsurendernikhil@...> wrote:
      Another point of query while holding the immunization session:
      Where should be polio vaccine placed:

      1. It should be down the icepack when taken outside the vaccine carrier, or
      2. It should be into one of two holes of the icepack, or
      3. It should always remain in the vaccine carrier.
      Thank you very much.

      Dr. S. Nikhil Gupta,
      FIMS;MAE (Epidemiology); OCCRTI; PhD (Pur)
      HFA_PHC_Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA;
      Com_Ch_Public health,
      Johns Hopkins University, USA;
      MSData, University of Toronto, Canada;
      ITHS_University of Michigan, US;
      Bloomberg School of Public Health,Johns Hopkins University;

      Bloomberg School of Public Health,Johns Hopkins University

      District Program Officer (AIDS),
      CMO office, Kangra at Dharamshala_HP

      -International Editorial Board Member_African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology;
      -Hony. Editor, American Journal of Public Health Research
      -Member_National Editorial Advisory Board_
      *Indian  Journal of Trauma and Emergency Pediatrics
      -Editorial Board Member
      *Wudpecker Journal of Medical Sciences;

      *Journal of Environmental Science & Water Resources;
      *World Journal of Medicine and Medical Science Research;
      -Editor-In-Chief; Pediatric Education and Research

      E-mail IDs: drsurendernikhil@...

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