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4680Share your success story---Developing and Evaluating your and your sub ordinates performance in Community Medicine

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  • Dr Om Prakash Kansal
    Mar 20, 2014
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      In one of an earlier communication, I had shared my thoughts on the need of developing goals for self evaluation, for your sub ordinates and then work towards achieving the same. There could 3-5 development goals for an individual for one calendar year. 

      An example of a performance goal for a middle level faculty could be 

      a) Empowered knowledge to 100 undergraduates in Epidemiology and Communicable disease through lectures, field visits and case studies amounting to at least 100 hours 

      b) Facilitated higher learning in Public Health to four Post graduates through discussions, seminars and case studies 

      c) Evaluated 100 students of our institute as an internal examiner and 200 students of at least three other institutes as an external examiner as per applicable University Guidelines 

      d) Led one or two Projects on Communicable disease--undertaking complete project cycle including sharing findings with policymakers for influencing policy basis the project findings...

      These are some indicative suggestions for a faculty member. At the middle and end of our year, we could evaluate ourselves that whether we had been successful in our self prescribed goals and what more needed to be done. 

      You may like to share your examples of your own ways of undertaking such exercise. 


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