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Fwd: URGENT: looking for a consultant to develop a MDG monitoring tool for young people

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  • Lauren Nussbaum
    Dear All, IPPF South Asia Regional Office is looking for a consultant to develop a MDG monitoring tool for young people in South Asia. What is an MDG
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2011


      Dear All,

      IPPF South Asia Regional Office is looking for a consultant to develop a MDG monitoring tool for young people in South Asia.

      What is an MDG monitoring tool?

      An MDG Monitoring tool is intended to track how countries are progressing in their efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). With the 2015 target date fast approaching, this tool will help to understand which of the goals are on track, and where additional efforts and support are needed, both globally and at the country level.

      The MDG Monitoring tool, to be designed in a youth-friendly manner, will allow young people to:
      •       TRACK progress in their respective countries and country-specific profiles.
      •       LEARN about countries' challenges and achievements.
      •       Develop a way forward to synthesize the information in the form of reports and policy advocacy messages.
      •       Establish linkages with youth organizations working on the MDGs around the world

      How will it be done?

      The development of the monitoring tool will be undertaken by an agency which is recognized as an expert in the field of youth SRHR and has done past work in developing such tools. The South Asia Regional Youth Network (SARYN) will work closely with this agency to ensure that young people from the region acquire necessary skills to develop similar tools in future. Other  r regional and global advocacy organizations, along with youth networks and youth organizations, will play a supporting role and will provide technical inputs on the tool.

      Please find the attached concept note for more details. If you are interested, please send your expression of interest (very briefly) by 14th Friday, January to saryn@... .

      Looking forward to hear from you

      Milinda Rajapaksha | Coordinator – South Aisa Regional Youth Network (SARYN)
      International Planned Parenthood Federation | South Asia Regional Office
      IPPF House  |  66 Sunder Nagar  |  New Delhi-110003  |  India
      saryn@...  |   web http://www.ippfsar.org, http://onevoicesouthasia.wordpress.com/

      Skype : milindafpasl

      IPPF South Asia Regional Youth Network (SARYN) is a youth led network run by IPPF youth volunteers in South Asia and support by IPPF South Asia Regional Office and its 9 Member Associations.The main objectives of IPPF SARYN are to ensure meaningful youth participation within the IPPF governing system in South Asia, promoting youth-adult partnership among staff and volunteers of the IPPF MAs in SAR and ensuring meaningful involvement of young people at all levels of programmes and services in the MAs. IPPF SARYN shares the core values of IPPF and is committed to implementing the Sexual Rights Declaration of IPPF.

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      'Do you really need to print this email?  Before you print think about the ENVIRONMENT'



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