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9RE: CMS: What do they do well - and what do they still need to do

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  • Marcia Morante
    Sep 24, 2003
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      Dave -

      I'm trying to understand CIS a little better. Perhaps you can help me. You
      mentioned that CIS does not generate a taxonomy but categorizes documents
      based on the taxonomy and rules that a user provides Correct so far?

      What about meta data? Does it have a facility similar to Interwoven's
      Metatagger for extracting different types of nouns or noun phrases (country
      names, ticker symbols, company names, etc.)? Does it have other types of
      meta data extraction capabilities?

      Thanks for your help.

      Marcia Morante
      KCurve, Inc.
      (718)881-5915 - office
      (917)821-2087 - mobile
      Effective Content Management for the Web

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      > Hi Mike,
      > Please take another look @ documentum (everyone I am no longer an
      > employee of DCTM) they have a wonderful addition to their Web
      > Publisher application called Content Intelligence Services. OK, I was
      > not in product marketing there, so I didn't come up w/ the name, but
      > this is basically a robust engine for taxonomy and meta data
      > management and if I understand Mike correctly it is the engine for
      > mike to do exactly what he needs.
      > Now here's the trick. There is no magic here. Someone has to configure
      > this puppy. Someone has to create the taxonomical structure. Nothing
      > can do this for you. Nothing is going to do your job for you. If they
      > claim it does, they are lying.
      > But what tools like CIS do for you is manage it for you after the fact
      > and help you apply your work to the content you previously created and
      > will create.
      > -- dave
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