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26Bird of a Feathers (BoFs) at the IA Summit

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  • Margaret Hanley
    Feb 16, 2004
      (excuse the cross-postings)

      All those going to the Summit,

      As part of the IA Summit this year we have set aside time
      to do Bird of a Feather (BoF) Sessions; a time where we can
      informally talk about and show each other the work that we
      are doing in our organisations.

      The three BoFs are:
      * Controlled vocabularies
      * Content management systems
      * IA tools and deliverables

      These sessions are being held on Saturday between 4.45 -

      If you would like to come along, please bring along
      yourself, any deliverables and your experiences to share
      with your fellow IAs.

      The leaders for each of the sessions are:
      * CVs - Livia Labate (liv@...) and Donna M.
      * CMS - Mags Hanley (mairead@...) and Donna Maurer
      * IA deliverables - Peter Boersma (peter.boersma@...)
      and Chiara Fox

      Please feel free to email them if you have any queries,
      would like to express interest or provide a description of
      the type of deliverable you will bring (optional),
      and whether you need AV support (if available) to show it
      to the group.



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