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23Re: [ia-cms-l] Lou Rosenfield on CMS

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  • Nick Franceschina
    Nov 25, 2003
      I totally agree... but I have to say, I've joined just about every Yahoo group that has anything
      to do with CMS, and there is almost no discussion like this. There is no community, as is stated
      here. The only posts I see are for product issues, and recruiting. (This is the first post I've
      seen to this group since I signed up)

      What I believe tends to happen is that only professors and paid pontificators have the time to sit
      around and think of the theories behind CMS. Those that are involved in implementing a CMS don't
      have time (or have not been budgeted any time) for thinking about the best way to implement. It's
      all about "pick the product and install it". As is the case for just about all technology
      projects, it's "act fast and keep costs low... we don't have time for much 'analysis' or
      'touchy-feeely' work". So there are no content audits, or process audits, or strategic audits.
      No one has time/money/patience to do it "the right way"... and thus no one will contribute to any
      discussion like this except for some professors and the few of us that care enough to chime in
      after we get home from work :)

      Too bad really... cause I'd love a deep discussion on the subject.

      --- mikejaixen <mikejaixen@...> wrote:
      > Lou posted a great entry in is Bloug about CMS...
      > http://louisrosenfeld.com/home/bloug_archive/000225.html
      > Any other thoughts?

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