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21Does CMS reduce cost and headcount?

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  • Scott B
    Oct 15, 2003
      There is a perception in the industry that content management systems
      (CMS) can reduce the number of web professionals needed to produce
      web sites. I believe that CMS helps enforce consistency and
      governs look and feel, but knowledgeable skilled web professionals
      are still needed to work with the content to produce the sites. A
      CMS shifts the required skills from manual HTML coders to higher
      level skills such as information architects taxonomy experts,
      content developers and editors.

      To make a programming analogy, an Integrated Development Environment
      (IDE) still requires programmers to produce applications with it; a
      CMS still requires web professionals to create an easy-to-use

      Can someone provide links to research that demonstrate whether CMS
      reduces the number of people needed in a company to produce web
      sites, or whether CMS simply shifts the skill base?


      I'll summarize replies and post to this list.

      Scott B
      Raleigh, NC