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19Re: [ia-cms-l] What do they do well - and what do they still need to do

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  • John O'Donovan
    Oct 8, 2003
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      > From: melanie.kendell
      > Hi Bev
      > Can you (or anyone else) point me at some credible examples of ROI.

      As a general guide, have a look at:

      - CMS Watch Featured Topic: Finding the ROI in Content Management
      [ http://tinyurl.com/qa45 ]

      and found this which may be useful:

      - Bridgeline Software: The Right Content Management System Will
      Improve Your Web ROI
      [ http://tinyurl.com/qa4n | PDF ]

      You need to apply some thinking to figure out what your business values and
      examine possible savings in those areas.

      What I did with one system was look at the tortuous workflow and steps that
      could be eliminateD, especially in multi-platform output. An easy sell from
      there on in as it is clear to the beanies (in a simple view at least) that
      less and more focussed steps = shorter time = more output.

      It's worth pointing out that better content management and reuse alone has
      ROI. Easier to find stuff, reuse stuff and reference stuff. It's like having
      a properly managed library or a set of out of order index cards.

      Also have a look at case studies:

      - apple.com: BBC Goes Online
      WebObjects Delivers for International News Organization
      [ http://tinyurl.com/qa5n ]
      (avoid the the marketing hype...)

      - Box UK: Teacher Resource Exchange Case Study
      [ http://tinyurl.com/qa5p ]
      - Microsoft: Case Studies
      [ http://tinyurl.com/qa5u ]

      If I come across anything dedicated to ROI on CMS projects in general then
      I'll post it.

      Some other points.

      Make sure they understand that ROI is not always financial...

      - ROI is a metric that favours cost-saving projects
      - ROI can't calculate valuable, intangible qualities - One metric
      can't characterise the entire value of a project
      - IT will most likely be charged for project costs - it may be difficult
      for IT to charge a project cost to a particular department

      Alternatives and additions:
      - Payback
      - Net present value
      - Total cost of ownership

      - An ROI primer
      [ http://tinyurl.com/qa57 ]
      - The limitations of calculating ROI for IT projects
      [ http://tinyurl.com/qa50 ]

      Make sure you read this (and similar) to view some pitfalls...
      make sure the beanies don't...

      - atnewyork.com: Study: Content Management Tools Fail
      [ http://tinyurl.com/qa5c ]


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