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10Re: [ia-cms-l] RE: CMS: What do they do well - and what do they still need to do

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  • David Heller
    Sep 25, 2003
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      To be honest, I'm less familiiar w/ the metadata piece
      than the taxonomy piece. But my understanding is that
      you create rules for what it should use for metadata
      and how to apply that metadata to the content as it is

      As for the taxonomy piece, you basically got it.

      -- dave

      --- Marcia Morante <marcia@...> wrote:
      > Dave -
      > I'm trying to understand CIS a little better. Perhaps you can help
      > me. You mentioned that CIS does not generate a taxonomy but
      > categorizes documents based on the taxonomy and rules that a user
      > provides
      > Correct so far?
      > What about meta data? Does it have a facility similar to
      > Interwoven's Metatagger for extracting different types of nouns or
      > noun phrases (country names, ticker symbols, company names, etc.)?
      > Does it have other types of meta data extraction capabilities?
      > Thanks for your help.
      > Marcia Morante
      > KCurve, Inc.
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