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Senior IA for BBC (content management specialist)

The BBC's New Media & Technology division is looking for a Senior Information Architect to join a team of ten IAs in a wider User Experience Design team. The
Oct 18, 2006

CMS System using ZThes XML

Hi. I just joined this group. I am co-Web Producer for Library Technology NOW, located at http://www.librarytechnologynow.org, and we are researching CMS
Jan 14, 2005

Announcing the new Content Management Professionals Organization: B

I am pleased to be part of the formation of the first association for content management professionals, which is making its official launch today. Our website
Hilary Marsh
Oct 1, 2004

Re: Migration projects

Hi Todd, I have redesigned several corporate sites and incorporated CMS systems when doing this. I have several questions for you. By migration are you
Stewart Dean
Apr 26, 2004

Migration projects

Hello all. My first time posting here. We are about to start our first migration project. The first project is a big hairball with enterprise reqs. definition,
Todd ONeill
Apr 24, 2004

Bird of a Feathers (BoFs) at the IA Summit

(excuse the cross-postings) All those going to the Summit, As part of the IA Summit this year we have set aside time to do Bird of a Feather (BoF) Sessions; a
Margaret Hanley
Feb 16, 2004

managing complexity

I just had an article published on Boxes and Arrows that might be of interest: Managing the Complexity of Content Management
Victor Lombardi
Feb 11, 2004

Re: Lou Rosenfield on CMS

Hi Nick, As a former employee of Documentum (and the interaction designer for their Web Publishing system), I both agree and disagree with what you are saying.
David Heller
Feb 6, 2004

Re: Lou Rosenfield on CMS

I totally agree... but I have to say, I've joined just about every Yahoo group that has anything to do with CMS, and there is almost no discussion like this.
Nick Franceschina
Nov 25, 2003

Lou Rosenfield on CMS

Lou posted a great entry in is Bloug about CMS... http://louisrosenfeld.com/home/bloug_archive/000225.html Any other thoughts?
Nov 25, 2003

Does CMS reduce cost and headcount?

There is a perception in the industry that content management systems (CMS) can reduce the number of web professionals needed to produce web sites. I believe
Scott B
Oct 15, 2003

IA courses and programs (list @ AIfIA)

The AIfIA IA Education Curriculum initiative has compiled a list of IA courses and programs. You can download them from our site:
Victor Lombardi
Oct 14, 2003

Re: What do they do well - and what do they still need to do

... This particular message contains a good portion of "long links" that were broken due to wrapping lines so I exchanged them for tinyurl substitutes that
John O'Donovan
Oct 9, 2003

Re: What do they do well - and what do they still need to do

Hi Bev Can you (or anyone else) point me at some credible examples of ROI. I'm very close indeed to being able to put all my hard won knowledge into practice -
Oct 1, 2003

Re: What do they do well - and what do they still need to do

Dear IA-CMS, This is especially true when managing multilingual content. Such management can cut costs by as much as 60% if well integrated into a
Bev Corwin
Sep 30, 2003
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