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Re: AOL screwing up my Yahoo Group ... Still sounds like you're getting a generic answer from AOL, rather than one that shows they've read your message, especially when they ask you for
Michael P. Thompson
Nov 6, 2003
AOL screwing up my Yahoo Group Here's an amusing correspondence I am having with AOL & Yahoo Groups regarding AOL's screening of so-called "Spam."..... Subject: Issues Regarding Yahoo
(no author)
Oct 16, 2003
Re: I did not get my email If you didn't receive email you requested, ask your provider why not. Be prepared to provide some detail of course, so they can look it up in their systems.
Charles Chappell
Sep 24, 2003
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I did not get my email I did not receive my email from customerservice@... which was sent through Constant Contact. I requested this email. It was sent by CTA, Inc. and
Sep 16, 2003
Wall street Journal Article http://www.azcentral.com/business/articles/0804spam-email04-ON.html
Aug 18, 2003
Wall Street Journal article [Excerpt] Didn't Get E-Mail? That Could Be Spam's Fault, Too Vigilant Blockers Toss Out The Good With the Bad Artist Misses Own Show By Mylene Mangalindan The
Aug 15, 2003
Re: Digest Number 42 ... The article wasn't completely accurate. I know Jodie. She sent the email to subscribers of her "He Shoots" newsletter. See the bottom of
Derek Scruggs --> Escalan
Aug 7, 2003
Re: Caught in the Crossfire The article starts: "For Jodie Gastel, it seemed like a perfect marketing opportunity. The Victoria, B.C., entrepreneur, founder of the online gift service
Mitch Wagner
Aug 1, 2003
Caught in the Crossfire Marketers who rely on e-mail are getting zapped by aggressive new spam filters. To circumvent them, some companies are going retro, others super techno By:
Jul 30, 2003
SearchSecurity article Could a 'do not spam' list really stop spammers? http://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/originalContent/0,289142,sid14_gci915849,00.html?Exclusive=True   By
Jul 29, 2003
Re: Digest Number 37 ... Whitelists aren't a workable solution for business. Pretty much by definition most of the email you want the most (from new/potential customers) comes
Stephen Booth
Jul 15, 2003
Whitelists are 'right' either... Joe, JH> Whitelist-based solutions are the only way to go. JH> "Everything is unwanted email - unless I say it isn't by JH> whitelisting it." It costs you a
Tim Jones
Jul 15, 2003
Re: Digest Number 37 I tried to email this person to point out that whitelisting didn't work, along with some specific examples of why. And he bounced it with a challenge response.
Laura Atkins
Jul 15, 2003
Re: Digest Number 37 Backlist-based solutions are a pathetic answer to the spam problem. Why? Because they are not maintained in a timely manner, are extremely dynamic in nature,
Joe Halbrook
Jul 14, 2003
Newsletter author loses valuable subscribers Hello, I'm a newsletter publisher and manager of the @... domain. My IP address was included in a block of addresses listed in spews.org. While my
Justin Hitt
Jul 9, 2003
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Re: Yahoo! Filters FTC Confirmation as Spam Which proves the point that blacklists are a bit more peculiar about what gets filtered. I honestly believe that you can't use AI to filter out spam to the
Armando WarpKat Ortiz
Jul 3, 2003
Yahoo! Filters FTC Confirmation as Spam List-News.com WASHINGTON -- Consumers who signed up online for the U.S. Federal Trade Commission's do-not-call registry using Yahoo! Mail accounts found the
(no author)
Jun 30, 2003
Re: microsoft's "smart" filtering ... messages addressed to us blocked even before they reach bulk mail? hey lee- good question. i personally don't use hotmail or yahoo for anything *but*
Lisa Micklin
Jun 30, 2003
lost messages Hello Group, I am affiliated with the University of Oregon. I have several long on-going e-mail relationships with people met online. For several of these,
Lee Young
Jun 25, 2003
microsoft's "smart" filtering seems as though mr. gates thinks "smart filtering" efforts will help. sounds like they are training their current filters which we all adore oh so much, to
Lisa Micklin
Jun 25, 2003
Cry me a river AOL and MSN etc. I wanted to pass this on because I was not getting my mail on AOL and my mother was not getting all of her mail on MSN. I have an opt in online newsletter, and
Jun 24, 2003
When Spam Filters Go Bad When spam filters go bad By Laura Miller June 19, 2003 Salon.com Trying to block junk mail, my cable modem company installed a system that prevented me from
(no author)
Jun 19, 2003
Bureau of National Affairs story on anti-spam legislation nternet Congress Likely to Pass Industry-Favored =
Jun 19, 2003
BT tackles spam blacklist BBC News Monday J9 June, 2003 BT tackles spam blacklist BTopenworld has responded to being put on a spam blacklist by tweaking its servers in a move it hopes
Jun 16, 2003
BT and Spam BT blocked by spam blacklist "Dangerously misconfigured, insecure or abuseable servers" the cause of the problem... Despite maintaining a strong anti-spam
Jun 11, 2003
Re: Critics set up anti-SPEWS Web site The filtering and permissions are done at the work station level, not at the server level, but I agree that there's still work to be done. Still, blackhole
Bill Wilson
Jun 9, 2003
Re: Critics set up anti-SPEWS Web site Please don't take my comments as an aversion on admins...God knows, you guys have a tough enough job. Our IT department fights this battle daily. The filters
Bill Wilson
Jun 9, 2003
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Re: Critics set up anti-SPEWS Web site ... Then this approach would only work for individuals who run their own mail servers and not any decently sized company. Administering mail alone is a tough
Armando WarpKat Ortiz
Jun 9, 2003
Re: Critics set up anti-SPEWS Web site I'm going to take a purist standpoint... something I rarely do, but hear me out, as I do justify my position. Spam has been compared to a disease many times
Jun 9, 2003
Re: Critics set up anti-SPEWS Web site I'm not suggesting that at all AND I'm not "whining." There are much more effective ways to block spam than server filtering and blackhole lists. Check out
Bill Wilson
Jun 6, 2003
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