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Re: How-To Part Two!

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  • fabartist
    Al -- I think I found your website the first time round when I Googled cool iWeb sites. And I do think your site is cool! Very easy to navigate and your
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2008
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      Al --

      I think I found your website the first time round when I "Googled" cool iWeb sites. And I
      do think your site is cool! Very easy to navigate and your talent is fantastic! I like how
      "clean" your site/ presentation is. Would love to know which template, if any, you used
      for "comic book art."

      Making a few changes on iWeb pages:
      I publish to a folder first ... I would do that even if I was going to publish to a .mac
      account because it's the best way to "try out" a site. Also, I think that's the way you can
      make some html changes... I wonder if you are a dot.mac account, can you publish the
      folder to a site?

      I use an FTP to u/L. With what seems like a million glitches in iWeb, most especially with
      text here's how I combine a my html knowledge w/ iWeb.

      IWeb.... Even if I'm making a change on one page, I have to publish the whole site to a
      folder ...

      Once I publish to a folder, I can u/load a single page at a time with desired changes...I go
      to WORD. Once open, I go to FILE and open the html document from the site folder i.e.
      bio.html. When I open, a little window pops on the screen, I hit OK -- it's something
      about the css files. (cascading style sheets)

      Once doc is opened, I go to VIEW and drag down and click VIEW HTML source and once
      this is done, the changes can be made.
      I make (usually very minor, but key) changes. Let's say adding a new <meta></meta>

      Using WORD, I save as text only. i.e. bio.txt
      After that I change bio.txt to bio.html... by simply typing "html" as the extension replacing

      I save again. I think a window pops up that tells me I'll lose this n' that ... whatever that
      window is, just say, "OK."

      I then U/L saved changes and single html to my FTP.

      This has been my salvation in this whole iWeb thing! My old HTML site still comes up now
      n' again when people/ customers of my greeting cards search my name or Marian Heath
      Greetings. I"m sure I should delete the pages from my ftp, but for some reason I'm
      "scared" to do this.

      The one thing I wanted to do was use the "Blog" as a weekly comic like strip... but that
      thing is so messed up after u/loading... I think I have to start it from scratch. I'm a work
      from home licensed artist with a four year old... not so easy to find the time... Fitting my
      full time job into pockets of time is my biggest challenge!

      Does any of this help????



      Also, for me, by publishing to a folder and then U/Loading to an FTP, I can upload the
      whole folder or individual pages.

      What I do is

      --- In iWeb-list@yahoogroups.com, Al Bigley <geminar@...> wrote:
      > Collene-
      > Thanks for the info. How do I open a web page in Word? Even within
      > the iWeb software, I don't think I can view the HTML source code. I
      > can while online in Safari, of course...
      > Also, I'm making changes and uploading right from iWeb, to my .mac
      > account. No in-between provider and FTPing and such..make a dif here?
      > Thanks for the help!
      > Al Bigley
      > > -It's amazingly easy to insert key search words for your site in
      > > iWeb... ya' have to be at
      > > least an itty bitty bit familiar with html.
      > >
      > > When I first posted my iweb site, I saw traffic was wayyyyyy down.
      > > As a licensed/
      > > commercial artist this is not good for me.
      > >
      > > Inside the "<title> </title> and <meta> </meta> tags I put my
      > > information.
      > >
      > > I opened let's say a page in WORD. Then I made my changes ... then
      > > I saved as a text only,
      > > html doc. Then I uploaded only the pages where I made the changes.
      > >
      > > Let me know if this works for you.... I"m still in the midst of
      > > adding some tags on some of
      > > the pages... but overall I saw an immediate flow again where I did
      > > do it. People will search
      > > the greeting cards I write and illustrate for Marian Heath
      > > Greetings so it was key that I had
      > > those words in my card page tags; Marian HEath greetings, collene
      > > kennedy, woman-to-
      > > woman humor" etc.
      > >
      > > Collene
      > http://www.albigley.com
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