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Re: EverWeb is a new replacement for iWeb

Interesting. Will download and give it a try. I've tried out a lot of substitutes but nothing is as intuitive as iWeb, one of Apple's better software designs
Jun 8, 2014

EverWeb is a new replacement for iWeb

This week I bought the new application EverWeb. Looks and feels like iWeb... only better. After watching a few videos explaining the software, I build a simple
Jun 8, 2014

Re: Text alignment - skewed

NOPE - Entirely my "fault." I discovered that that text box was what was "skewed." I grabbed a corner and re-aligned it to zero degrees - and all fell into
Sep 18, 2013

Re: Text alignment - skewed

I don't think I've seen this until you pointed it out. Perhaps its the font? Have you seen the same results with a different font? --- In
Sep 17, 2013

Text alignment - skewed

Why is the text "skewed" in my text box here ... http://www.work-sat.com/Work-Sat/Sat_Skeds.html See how the first letter of each line is off? The phenomenon
Sep 17, 2013

Re: HTML Snippet

HTML Snippet is author area so you can put the link by BBC code you can use it.
Jan 6, 2013

Page title as link?

New to the group, glad I found it. Just started using iweb and I would like to make one page title, on the navigation bar, into a clickable link to an
Jan Flood
Oct 12, 2012

Moving Site to GoDaddy

All is in place for the move: hosting package on GoDaddy, FTP program set up to "sync" when edits are performed, the site preview looks good, all links and
Dec 29, 2011

Mac OS X Lion Clean Install

Hi Friends I am a novice enthusiast of the Mac OS X Lion. And I just did a clean install of my system after using OS X Lion for 12 days. I've blogged some of
Arjun Singhal
Aug 3, 2011

Re: HTML Snippet

An html snippet is a means for the author to place raw html code, which may or may not be available by using iWebs authoring interface, into the page that is
May 9, 2011

HTML Snippet

Hello All Ok first let me say I just am not that smart. Now with that out of the way. what is an HTML Snippet for and how would I use it. Is this where I put
Oct 24, 2010

Re: creating a professional looking website

Not sure if you did a web search but give this site a try for ideas and info http://allaboutiweb.com/ GL Rick
Oct 23, 2010

New iWeb

Does anyone knows if there's any update coming? Fábio C. Martins | fabiodacunha@... | .Mac fabio.c.martins | São Paulo - SP Legendas no QuickTime Pro |
Fábio da Cunha Martins
Jul 30, 2010

creating a professional looking website

Hi I am new to the group. I am running iLife '09 on my Macbook Pro Unibody Late 2008 Edition, and also have a Mobile Me package added to help publish my iWeb
Jul 2, 2010

13 Great Firefox Extensions For Web Professionals

Like most web developers or SEO professionals, I use a vast array of tools to get the job done. I use a combination of desktop and web applications, some
Apr 24, 2010
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