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411creating a professional looking website

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  • arjunsinghal
    Jul 2, 2010

      I am new to the group. I am running iLife '09 on my Macbook Pro Unibody Late 2008 Edition, and also have a Mobile Me package added to help publish my iWeb websites.

      I am supporting a social non-profit organization and trying to provide infrastructural support to spread the message of the social causes they work with.

      I would like to know what are the best tools and resources that can be used to create a professional looking website using iWeb. The idea is mostly inspired by the apple website itself - with multiple tabs at the top, and many pages linked under each section which will be marked to not show in navigation.

      Can we have a custom template for the navigation that looks more like a tabbed interface for the website built for iWeb?

      Also, would like to embed some advanced APIs for social networking tools that the organization is using - like Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress etc. Not the simple buttons, but something like the entire page showing with feeds within a section.

      Would iWeb offer this kind of functionality I am looking for extensively.

      I already invested in the Mobile Me account and bought the domain names etc. that would be needed to bring this up properly.

      All help will be greatly appreciated.

      For starters, please visit www.janmashtmi.tk

      I also built my personal website using iWeb - www.arjunsinghal.tk
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