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408Re: [iQuiltForFun] Table Topper Tutorial

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  • Barbara Campbell
    Feb 3, 2014
      Hi Jacqui,
      Snowing all morning - we must have at least 4-5" already and no sign of it stopping. Love being able to stay at home and enjoy the quiet and beauty of it.  I've never done a Simple Simon quilt - do you have a picture of the quilt or block? I found one reference to a paper-pieced pattern, but the link didn't work to see it up close. Mark Lipinski has instructions for cutting fabric for a class he has done, but not sure if it's the same. It would help to have a visual of what you're thinking of doing.

      Glad you had fun this weekend. We got to see both my sons and their families on Saturday. Sarah had a basketball game in the morning and then we took a ride to Gary's in the afternoon.

      Stay snug and warm, everybody. Let's all hit the sewing machines and see what we can accomplish on this snow day.

      On Monday, February 3, 2014 10:36 AM, "j.clarkson@..." <j.clarkson@...> wrote:
      I saw this one as well. I like the way this gal presents things. Great fun!

       Had a girls weekend with my sister in law as the fellows were refereeing Pond Hockey Championships. Lots of fun and lots of sharing of quilts done and being made and Pam had Season 4 of Downton Abbey so now I have seen it all!!! Truly love all the outfits! Also a lot of knitting and of course out for lunch! hehe

      Had 10 inches of snow on Saturday so wasn't sure I could drive back to Haliburton yesterday but it was fine. Sounds like the snow has come your way today! We are not to get snow now until Wednesday. That will be a huge surprise if that is true as it has snowed every day I have been here!

      Enjoy your snow day and chat again soon.

      Oh yes. I am thinking of doing a Simple Simon quilt. Has anyone done one and any suggestions if you have?
      Warm wishes.

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      Here is another idea for table toppers. Same shape as I sent last week, but using squares sewn together for the center instead of a panel or square of one fabric. The applique portion of directions is optional, but I think it adds a nice design element. Fuse it and Be Done!

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