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Fwd FYI: Daughter from Danang - Bay Area Screenings

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  • Vietnamese Nom Preservation Foundation
    Dear Friends, If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, the following film may be of interest to you. Quoting from one of the producers: the nom characters
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2002
      Dear Friends,

      If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, the following film may be of interest to you.

      Quoting from one of the producers:

      "the nom characters were put to use fully in the poster and postcard. i had them hand calligraphed. it was my intent to use them fully in the main title sequence, but because they were 6 characters long, i couldn't fit it into the time constraints. i ended up using two of them as evocation, which worked out nicely."

      The six Nôm characters -- courtesy of the VNPF and Professor Nguyễn Quang Hồng -- correspond to the Vietnamese version of the film title.


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      Subject: Daughter from Danang - Bay Area Screenings

      >The Berkeley showing is nearly sold out, I'm told.
      >Daughter from Danang
      >Dear Friends and Friends of Friends, and Friends of Friends of
      >This email contains information about how to purchase tickets for upcoming
      >screenings in the San Francisco Bay Area of Gail Dolgin and Vicente
      >Franco's film Daughter from Danang. (A description of the film follows
      >ticket info.) For those of you who haven't heard, the film was awarded the
      >Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the Sundance 2002 Film Festival
      >last month and also received a Golden Gate Award in the Bay Area
      >Documentary Category from the San Francisco International Film Festival.
      >The Bay Area premiere will be at NAATA's S.F. International Asian
      >American Film Festival on March 12th (San Francisco Kabuki 6:45PM ,) MARCH
      >13th (Berkeley PFA 7:30pm) and MARCH 16th (San Jose Camera 3
      >Cinema). We would appreciate it if you can help us spread the word by
      >forwarding this email to your own email lists. Thanks thanks thanks...
      >Here's the info for advance ticket purchase for the NAATA festival - we're
      >hoping that the screenings will sell-out so if you're planning to come,
      >buy in advance! There are several ways to order tickets. The most
      >economical way is to fax your request to NAATA or go the venue box office
      >(for PFA you can call the box office directly.) Here's how it works:
      >If you don't have the NAATA festival catalog, make your own order form,
      >add $3.00 service fee and include the following info:
      >Name, address, phone, etc.
      >Visa/MC/Amex w/ signature
      >Film Title: Daughter from Danang
      >SELECT Screening date & time & code:
      >San Francisco: 3/12 Kabuki 6:45PM KABDAN12
      >Berkeley: 3/13 PFA 7:30pm PFADAN13
      >San Jose: 3/16 Cinema 3 2:45pm SJODAN16
      >TICKET PRICE: $8.50
      >($7.50 NAATA Members / $6.00 Seniors / Students / Disabled - Must provide
      >copy of membership or ID for discount tickets.)
      >PLUS: $3.00 processing fee per ORDER
      >SAN FRANCISCO: AMC Kabuki 8 Festival Box Office (There is no processing
      > Box office hours:
      > Before Mar. 7 - 3:00pm­8:00pm
      > After Mar. 7 - 11:00am-10:00pm
      > Box office hours:
      > Monday - Friday 11:00am to 5:00pm, with evening and weekend hours
      > beginning one hour before
      > first screening of the day.
      > Tickets can be charged by phone directly from the PFA - 510-642-5249
      > No fee for members / $.50 per ticket for non-members
      > 1-408-642-5249
      > www.naatanet.org/festival
      > (service charge - a killer!!! per ticket plus per order
      > 415-478-2277 OR 510-762-2277 OR 408-998-2277
      > (service charge - a killer!!! per ticket plus per order)
      >See you at the movies!!!
      >Daughter from Danang
      >Directors: Gail Dolgin & Vicente Franco
      >80 minutes
      >In 1975, as the Vietnam War was ending, "Operation Babylift" brought
      >thousands of orphans and Amerasian children to the United States. Mai Thi
      >Hiep (renamed Heidi) was one such child, given up by a mother (Mai Thi
      >Kim) who feared for her daughter's safety and adopted by a single woman
      >who raised her to be "101% Americanized" in Pulaski, Tennessee. Years
      >later, estranged from her adoptive mother, Heidi begins searching for her
      >birth mother who, it turns out, has also been searching for her.
      >Twenty-two years after their anguished separation, mother and daughter are
      >reunited in Vietnam. But this is not a simple tale of happy
      >endings. Exploring the moment when dreams confront reality, Daughter from
      >Danang is both brave and challenging.
      >What begins as a joyful reunion soon turns into heartache as cultural
      >misunderstandings and dashed hopes pile up. Tensely unfolding on two
      >continents and in two drastically different worlds, Heidi's journey
      >becomes an emotional pilgrimage that unleashes warring factions within her
      >soul. She longs for unconditional love but is profoundly alienated from
      >her Vietnamese past. Her mother Kim desperately wishes for a deeper
      >connection with Heidi, but her attempts are suffocating to her
      >daughter. Gail Dolgin and Vicente Franco's riveting, heart-wrenching
      >film weaves intimate and sometimes excruciating moments into a complex,
      >sensitive and balanced portrait of one of the lesser-examined tragedies of
      >war­innocents on the sidelines, whose wounds are often invisible but whose
      >loss continues to grow. It is a reminder that wars do not end when
      >treaties are signed ­ the wounds of war can take generations to heal./.
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