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Proceedings of the First International Nom Conference published

Dear all, This ad is now on http://nomfoundation.org re. the First International Nom Conference 2004 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Sorry for cross posting.
    Ngô Thanh Nhàn
    Jan 17, 2007
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    Improved Nom Lookup tool

    Dear friends, You're invited to try out the improved Nôm Lookup tool: http://nomfoundation.org/unicode/lookups.php which uses SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
      Vietnamese Nom Preservation Foundation
      Apr 4, 2002
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      Pointers to tri-graphic art/poetry

      Dear Friends, We'd like to call your attention some tri-graphic (Nôm, quốc ngữ, English) art/poetry: 1/ Issue #32 the Australian magazine "ARTAsiaPacific"
      Mar 10, 2002

      Fwd FYI: Daughter from Danang - Bay Area Screenings

      Dear Friends, If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, the following film may be of interest to you. Quoting from one of the producers: "the nom characters
        Vietnamese Nom Preservation Foundation
        Feb 27, 2002
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        Virus warning

        A virus has just reached the yahoogroups distribution lists. Please delete any suspicious messages IMMEDIATELY, and do not double-click on any attachment.
        J Do
        Oct 1, 2001

        Fw: [vnnews-l] IT: Vietnam gov't backs project to digitize old texts

        ... From: "Stephen Denney" To: "vnnews-l" Sent: Tuesday, 11 September, 2001 9:16 PM Subject: [vnnews-l]
        J Do
        Sep 12, 2001

        new information update

        Dear friends, The page http://cafe68t.multimania.com/content/unicode/BanTron.html -- in Vietnamese -- has been updated with a collection of articles on Nôm.
        J Do
        Aug 31, 2001

        What's new at the web site...

        Dear Friends, We invite you to visit http://nomfoundation.org to see the new "Spring Essence" poetry reading events that have been confirmed for July and
        Jul 1, 2001

        On TV: Spring Essence by the Bay in May

        Catch PBS NewsHour tonight, Wednesday 27 June, for a TV news segment on "Spring Essence" and the Nôm Foundation. It will last about 10 minutes, towards the
        J Do
        Jun 27, 2001

        On TV: Spring Essence by the Bay in May

        Catch PBS NewsHour tonight, Thursday 27 June, for a segment on the book "Spring Essence" and the Nom Foundation. Enjoy!
        Jun 27, 2001

        [NhanDan] Tuong lai cua chu Nom?

        Bai Van hoa - Khoa hoc - Giao duc Thời sự Đời sống chính trị Kinh tế - Xã hội Tương lai nào cho chữ Nôm? Chữ Nôm bắt đầu xuất
          J Do
          Jun 6, 2001
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