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Fw: [aapn] Asia for Animals 2008 Bali Update

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  • anita mayangpuspa
    Compassion doesn t choose one species over another, any more than it chooses one human being over another The question is not, Can they reason?, nor Can
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      " Compassion doesn't choose one species over another, any more than it chooses one human being over another"

      " The question is not, Can they reason?, nor Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?  "
      Jeremy Bentham


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      Subject: [aapn] Asia for Animals 2008 Bali Update
      To: aapn@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Monday, June 30, 2008, 10:36 AM

      <http://www.asiafora nimals.org/>www.asiaforanimals .org
      or <mailto:AfAbali@gmail. com>AfAbali@gmail. com

      June 29, 2008

      Dear AfA Friends,

      TIME IS GETTING SHORT: Register now for AFA and
      book your reservations today!!! Check out the
      AfA website
      (<http://www.asiafora nimals.org/>www.asiaforanimals .org)
      which has up to date information and continues to
      grow. "Lessons Learned: Let's Teach Each Other"
      is the focus for 2008.

      AfA 2008 August 27, 28, 29 will be three days of
      workshops, demonstrations, general session talks,
      movies and field trips.

      All of the information is online so registration
      and hotel reservations are easy to make! If you
      want to come but need some financial assistance
      please ask about the AfA Sponsorship programs.
      We want you to attend and will do as much as we
      can to assist you! Below are some short cuts to
      make things easy.

      This year AfA will offer two tracks of seminars
      to choose from on the second day: "Wildlife" and
      "Companion Animals". Please look at the program
      line up below and make your plans. When you
      leave Bali you will take home new information and
      skills! Sign up for "Wildlife" or "Companion
      Animals" track today!

      Please use the following links.

      Sanur Beach Hotel:
      <http://www.sanurbea ch.aerowisata. com/>www.sanurbeach. aerowisata. com
      Reserve your hotel room directly with the Sanur
      Beach Hotel, the host hotel. Please indicate
      that you are attending the AfA 2008 Conference so
      you can get the special room rate of $65.00 for
      single occupancy. If you are willing to share a
      room please indicate this when you book your

      Other Hotel Options:
      <http://www.balihote ls.com/areas/ sanur.php>www.balihotels. com/areas/ sanur.php
      This website provides you with many options and
      price ranges and you can book directly without
      any booking fees.

      Register at:
      <http://www.asiafora nimals.org/>www.asiaforanimals .org
      There are two registration fees:
      $115.00 includes two coffee breaks, lunch and
      dinner with entertainment each day
      $85.00 two coffee breaks, lunch but no dinner or entertainment.

      Cheap Airline Tickets <http://www.airbroke rs.com/>www.airbrokers. com

      If you need further assistance, contact Kadek at
      <mailto:Kadek@satnetcom. com>Kadek@satnetcom. com
      or Sherry Grant at
      <mailto:Afabali@gmail. com>Afabali@gmail. com

      AfA 2008 Bali "Lessons Learned: Let's Teach Each Other"
      <http://www.asiafora nimals.org/>www.asiaforanimals .org

      Please forward this letter to your colleagues in animal welfare.

      We look forward to seeing you at AfA 2008 Bali.

      Warmest regards,
      Sherry Grant
      Yudisthira Bali Street Dog Foundation
      AfA 2008 Coordinator

      Asia for Animals 2008 Conference Schedule
      Day 1, Wednesday 27 August
      Main Session

      Welcome and Balinese Opening Ceremony

      Sherry Grant, Yudisthira
      Review 2007 Resolutions
      AFA Committee

      Team Building
      All delegate participation required
      Sri Hartati, P-WEC Team Profauna
      Fortune 500 model
      Coffee Break

      Compassion Fatigue

      Pei-Feng Su, ActAsia

      Self Assessment for your organisation
      Pei-Feng Su, ActAsia

      Dog and Cat Eating

      Sunnan and AAF Panel discussion Q and A problems faced, lessons learned
      Korea's move to legalize dog meat

      Pei-Feng Su - ActAsia (panel head), KAAP and CARE of Korea
      Campaigns for Dog and Cat Consumption, Fur Issues,

      Christie Yang, AAF
      Coffee Break

      Working with the government - dealing with
      government - enlisting volunteers support Vets /

      Mr. Alan Knight IAR
      Communicate to Accumulate - strategy to integrate PR and FR Sustainable funding

      Carrie Collis, IAR and

      How to write your own strategy to integrate PR and FR
      Carrie Collis, IAR and

      Animal welfare journalism
      Dr. Kishalay Bhattacharjee, NDTV India
      Sustainable Journalism/Media Campaign:
      An introduction of Green Page in Newspapers

      Debashish Chatterjee

      Writing emotionally engaging stories plus test!
      Sharon St. John, Best Friends
      Earthlings Screening followed by beach candle lighting
      Q & A with the Director
      Shaun Monson, Director, Writer

      Day 2, Thursday 28 August, Track: Companion Animals
      Main Session
      Overview and ICAM Introduction - Minimum Vet Standards ABC/CNVR

      Dr. Michelle Mortars, IFAW
      Population Survey and Definitions

      Dr. Kate Blaszak WSPA
      Blue Paw Trust, Sril Lanka

      How to do a dog population survey
      Dr. Kate Blaszak
      WSPA Asia
      Blue Paw Trust
      Non Surgical Sterilisation for population management

      Joyce Briggs ACC&D Chinny Krishna, Fiona Woodhouse - Panel Leader
      Dog Catching from the pole to the net

      Mr. Brian Faulkner, Stray Animal Solutions

      How to catch dogs
      Mr. Brian Faulkner, SOS &
      Nana Prayoga, Yudisthira
      ABC/CNVR Panel from the field - Q&A

      Dr. Naveen Pandy, Dr. Dananjaya,
      Dr. Dayu Martini
      Sherry Grant, Yudisthira Panel Head
      Klinik Kembiri - Low cost neuter clinic, start to profit

      Dr. Natasha Lee
      For SPCA Selangor Malaysia
      Results of Poll of attitudes towards companion
      animal spay/neuter - Campaign to change
      government policy on companion animal control in

      Grace Gabriel IFAW

      How to collect opinions and use the results
      Grace Gabriel IFAW

      Demonstration of spay and neuter
      Yudisthira Field Clinic
      Monitoring and Post Op Follow Up for your programme

      Dr. Kate Blaszak WSPA Asia, Asian example study

      How to monitor and do a post op survey - transect counts
      Dr. Kate Blaszak and Dr. Natasha Lee, WSPA Asia
      World Rabies Day - Feedback 2007 and lessons

      IFAW - Michelle Morters.

      2008 World Rabies Day Planning
      Dr. Natasha Lee, WSPA Asia plus WRD Campaign Materials
      Education Value, sustainability and measuring success

      Joint presentation coordinated by Nicola Ball of
      WSPA Asia (PAWS Philippines, VSPCA, ACRES, SPCA
      Selangor and Profauna
      Education: Professor Paws

      Animals for Asia

      Nanditha, Blue Cross India

      Compassion Program in Udaipur
      Clare (Roshni) Abrams, Animal Aid
      The Vets World is Flat(tening)

      Michelle Mortars, IFAW
      Virtual Vets; consulting from far away

      Dr. Listriani
      Dr. Elaine Ong

      Mentorship and tools Consult from far away: Case Management
      Dr. Michelle Morters Elaine Ong
      Day 2, Thursday 28 August, Track: Wild Animals
      Main Session
      Asia Zoo Overview

      Rob Laidlaw ZooCheck
      BKSDA Training Zoocheck
      Rosek, Profauna & Louis Ng, Acres

      'How to' ZooCheck
      Rob Laidlaw ZooCheck
      Field Trip to Bali Zoo
      Rosek, Profauna

      Managing a centre as a Vet - pitfalls of non-protected species (Macaques)

      Karmele Llano Sanchez, Veterinary director,
      Indonesia primate rescue centre (IAR)
      Human-Animal Conflict

      Dr. Fiona Woodhouse
      Non-Surgical Sterilisation for Macaques
      Karthi Krishnasamy
      Rescue and Rehabilitation of Urban Macaques

      Geeta Seshamani
      Friendicoes, India
      Pan Asian Sanctuary Network

      Louis Ng, Acres

      To form the PASN and make action plan
      Louis Ng, Acres
      Wildlife groups with sanctuaries
      Lessons Learned Bear Sanctuaries - China to Vietnam

      Jill Robinson AAF

      Dental specialist Vet - the role of dental
      medicine in the treatment and rehabilitation of
      animals in sanctuaries. Case studies: Tigers /
      Bears India
      IAR Dr. Lisa Milella -
      Zoo to the Wild; Orangutans from Ragunan Zoo to Kalimantan and Sumatra
      IAR Jonathan Cracknell: Emerging Infectious
      Diseases of Elephants: a guide for rehabilitators
      and welfare workers
      Hardi Baktiantoro, EscApe
      Sanctuary / Zoo session
      IAR Dr Deike Langerschact / Dr Astrid Almeida -
      maintaining local and international support /
      managing a centre - maybe joint or two aspects
      of the same concept?
      Paolo Martinelli

      Beijing Raptor Center

      Grace Gabriel IFAW,

      Kite Festival
      Dr. Dananjaya, TAPA Sri Lanka

      Kite Festival Workshop to prepare for 2009
      Grace Gabriel IFAW, Dananjaya

      Anti Rhino Poaching, South India
      Pablo Tachil
      Wildlife Rehabilitation - as a welfare measure for dealing with orphan animals
      IFAW Elephant and Rhino Rehabilitation
      Dr. Ramanathan IFAW

      Day 3, Friday 29 August, General Sessions

      Main Session
      Taiwan - 2007 Big Changes to Law - how is enforcement?

      Wu hung, EAST
      PAWS Philippines;

      Anna, PAWS
      Dog Fighting cruelty case
      Coffee Break

      Horses Cruelty Case, Sabah

      Lindsay Porter supporter and for Sue Quek, SPCA Selangor
      Confiscation is just the beginningÅ .

      Rosek, Profauna

      Enforcement to Prosecution
      Rosek plus panel

      HKU Professor Animal Welfare Law developing in China

      Dr. Amanda Whitfort
      OIE - what does it mean for Asia animal welfare? Implementation folowed by Q&A

      OIE speaker
      Helene ACFA KAAP and CARE Korea
      Dr. Weiwek, Indonesia Veterinary Association
      Livestock Markets and Avian Flu Spreading from South China

      Merritt Clifton, Animal People
      Fatwa on transport and slaughter

      To be named

      Fatwa on transport and slaughter - the impact on
      Islamic Asia countries, how to use the Fatwa in
      campaign plan
      To Be Named

      Tea Break


      Wu Hung

      How to plan a Campaign
      Wu Hung
      China Earthquake response

      Jill RobinsonAAF
      China Earthquake response

      Grace Gabriel IFAW
      Myanmar Response to Cyclone Nargis

      Ian Dacre, WSPA Asia

      Disaster Preparedness for your shelter or sanctuary
      Ian Dacre, WSPA Asia

      AFA Resolutions 2008 -2010


      Gala Dinner on the Beach


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