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Vitamin C - Anthrax & Smallpox

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  • Sheri Nakken
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    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2001

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      To to other links to see the huge body of research and evidence for all

      Anthrax infections will certainly be ameliorated, if not cured, with
      massive doses of ascorbate.
      First I want to admit that I have never seen a case of anthrax. However, I
      can say with absolute certainty that massive doses of ascorbate will
      ameliorate the disease. The reason for this is that all infectious
      diseases cause most of their injury to us by way of free radicals.
      Sufficient doses of ascorbate will neutralize the free radicals. This is
      simply a matter of chemistry. Free radicals are molecules that lack an
      electron. Free radical scavengers act by donating electrons thereby
      neutralizing the free radicals. What has not been realized is that the
      human body is very tolerant to massive amounts of ascorbate that carry
      massive amounts of electrons. When you provide enough electrons, you will
      neutralize the free radicals generated by infectious diseases.

      There are several important facts to bear in mind when thinking about

      1. When ascorbate loses its two extra electrons to neutralize two free
      radicals, it becomes dehydroascorbate (DHA) which has a half-life of only a
      few minutes. So that if the DHA is not rereduced back to ascorbate
      rapidly, the ascorbate is permanently lost.

      2. Ordinarily, the mitochondria provide the electrons to refuel or
      rereduce the DHA back to ascorbate but when the mitochondria are damaged in
      the area of inflammation not only are the mitochondria not able to refuel
      the ascorbate, the damaged mitochondria become to source of massive amounts
      of free radicals.

      3. White cells require a small amount of ascorbate to eat up bacteria
      so that when free radicals rob the electrons from vitamin C, there is
      rapidly not enough ascorbate left to fuel the white cells so the body is
      unable to defend itself until:

      4. Free radicals turn on antibodies but it takes several days for a
      significant amount of antibodies to fight the infection to be produced.
      However, some antibodies may be activated against antibiotics given to
      treat the disease and this can cause serious allergic reactions.

      5. The more serious the disease is, the more free radicals are
      produced and therefore the more ascorbate is destroyed. This results in
      acute induced scurvy. Moderate doses of ascorbate may, depending upon how
      toxic the disease is, prevent the spread of this acute induced scurvy.
      However, to neutralize all the free radicals in the primary sites of
      infectious diseases, it takes massive doses of ascorbate.

      6. There appears to be a threshold dose, the amount of which depends
      upon the toxicity of the disease, that will drive the electrons into the
      tissues primarily involved in the disease and neutralize all the free
      radicals. Doses of ascorbate less than that necessary to drive the
      electrons into the tissues primarily involved in the disease will not cure
      or ameliorate the disease.

      7. I would guess that with inhalation anthrax that intravenous sodium
      ascorbate should be used is doses beginning with at least 180 grams per 24
      hours in addition to the Cipro. If the fever is not controlled or the
      symptoms are not reduced, the dosage and the rate of administration should
      be increased until they are controlled. The doses of 180 grams per 24
      hours would be administered in 3 bottles of lactated Ringer's, D5W. or
      1/2NS with 60 grams of sodium ascorbate added per 8 hours. Do not be
      afraid of increasing the rate of administration. When I give one to two of
      these bottles in the office I have them run in in 2 to 3 hours each.
      For cutaneous antrax the doses will be less because it is not so
      toxic as the inhalation form. In patients who have good bowel tolerance,
      bowel tolerance doses of ascorbic acid orally along with Cipro will hasten
      healing and prevent many problems with Cipro. When the inhalation form of
      the disease has remitted to the point where intravenous sodium ascorbate is
      no longer necessary, bowel tolerance doses should be given orally until
      there is completer recovery.
      8. Since not everyone exposed to the anthrax bacteria finally
      manifests the disease, it is almost certain that maintenance doses of
      ascorbic acid orally taken up to bowel tolerance will decrease the
      incidence of the disease in those exposed.
      9. In case that a patient is sick enough to be hospitalized with an
      infection or fever of unknown origin, intravenous sodium ascorbate should
      be given until the fever goes away. Even if the infection is not antrax,
      elimination of the free radicals will ameliorate any disease and reduce
      problems caused by necessary antibiotics.
      10. When these massive doses of ascorbate are used, allergic reactions
      to antibiotics such as Cipro is markedly diminished if not eliminated
      because of the elimination of the free radicals that turn on these adverse
      11. Some have been concerned about DHA being toxic. Actually, what we
      are concerned with is the DHA/AA redox couple. This is the problem with
      small doses of ascorbate. While usually when ascorbate neutralizes free
      radicals and becomes DHA, the DHA is less oxidizing than the free radicals
      it neutralizes so no harm is done. However, and this is the safety of
      massive doses of ascorbate (AA), if the ascorbate is administered in
      amounts and at a rate at which the redox couple, DHA/AA is kept reducing,
      then no toxicity results even with the DHA that is produced. Since the
      half-life of DHA is only a few minutes, maintaining a reducing redox
      potential is not difficult if one gives enough ascorbate. When the redox
      couple is kept reducing, it forces the electrons into the tissues involved
      in the disease and neutralizes all free radicals. This is why the studies
      on ascorbate where low doses of ascorbate are utilized are ridiculous. To
      conclude that 1 to 3 grams of ascorbate will take on even the common cold
      after it gets going is stupid and the people running such a study show
      their ignorance of what is being claimed about ascorbate.
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      It is commonly thought that the vaccination is the only treatment of
      smallpox. Vaccinations should be taken when they are made available if
      your doctor thinks they are indicated.
      However, massive doses of ascorbate given as described above for anthrax
      would undoubtedly be quite effective in saving most lives by neutralizing
      the free radicals generated by the disease process. Doses should be
      intravenous sodium ascorbate starting at the rate of 180 grams per 24
      hours. The rate should be increase if the fever is not broken in a few
      hours. Electrolytes should be monitered not so much because of the massive
      doses of sodium ascorbate but because of the damage being done by the disease.
      If you take the immunization, bowel tolerance doses of ascorbic acid should
      be taken before and a few days after the immunization until the skin lesion
      has healed.
      I have not noted this in the press to the public yet but patients with
      eczema should not be immunized because they might have the lesions grow all
      over the body in the areas of the eczema.
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      Content (C) 2001, Robert F. Cathcart, M.D..

      Robert Cathcart, M.D.
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