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  • Lynn Pfister
    Jan 14, 2013
      *The majortity of you know me but for those who don't I'll take a second to
      introduce myself. I am 30 and am in stage 1 of my HD progression. Right now
      its mainly the emotional aspects of the disease with a few shakes, jitters
      and memory loss. I tested positive for HD in 2004 and was officially
      diagnosed in 2010. A huge amount of my family members have it, including my
      brother. My mother passed away from the HD Monster on 12-25-03 at the young
      age of 46 after I chose to have a feeding tube inserted after numerous
      choking issues. She never regained consciousness after the surgery and died
      8 days later. Her death still weighs heavy on my heart as it was my choice
      to have her go into surgery. I have two amazing children who have the
      chance to get it. The 1900 mile quest I am taking on isn't just for my
      generation, but for the generation I couldn't save and the future
      generation who are presently fighting over the remote. Its for all of us.
      Pre-symptomatic, symptomatic, at risk, caregiver, etc. Everyone knows what
      diabetes is, but hardly anyone knows what HD is, I hope my walk changes
      that. Sorry I haven't been on for quite some time, but with the holidays,
      children and personal issues, things have been pretty crazy around here.
      I'm happy to finally get a chance to breathe!! LOL I hope this message
      finds everyone happy and in good health, this devil disease can take a toll
      on everyone whom is affected by it, patients, family, friends, caregivers,
      the list could go on and on. Hope everyone had a safe Christmas and New
      years, theres been too many angels earning their wings during this time but
      thank you Lord that they are no longer suffering. They have gotten back
      everything they've lost from Huntington's and are whole again. Got 100%
      medical clearance and less than a year and a half to train. I got the
      blessing that I desperately needed from my son to do this journey and help
      save lives. Still postponing it for that year, need to know for my own
      sense of well being that he is going to be ok. I have changed my fundraiser
      website, I was very unhappy with fundly and their service, the new
      site ishttp://www.giveforward.com/1900forhuntingtonsdisease


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