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12510Information Please!

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  • Emily
    Jan 18, 2013
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      Hello, I am new to the group and would like to get a little bit of information from anyone willing to give it. Has anyone ever heard of a person who did not inherit the HD gene, getting the disease anyways? My brother has been having multiple symptoms that relate to HD. He is really concerned and very scared about it and the doctor he has been seeing is not interested in running any tests for HD because the chances of it being that are so slim. Should my brother follow his instincts and find a doctor who will test him? Or does anyone have suggestions of something else that it could be. I am trying my best to be a supportive sister and just want to know what people who are experiencing it have to say so that I can help him. He is so worried that there is nearly nothing I could say to convince him that it is probably not HD. Any and all input is appreciated. Thanks in advance
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