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Re: [huntington's at risk] Suicide attempt

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  • Scott
    I m behind obviously in my emails.  Rebecca, I m very sorry to hear your family going through this.  My father took his life to end it early.  I still have
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      I'm behind obviously in my emails.  Rebecca, I 'm very sorry to hear your family going through this.  My father took his life to end it early.  I still have certain guilt feelings, but the reality of it is that HD killed him before that.  My Dad just couldn't continue "just surviving". 
      I wouldn't worry about your husband doing the same.  Firstly, he may be negative which solves a lot!  Secondly, there are daily advances in medical treatments to slow progression and to treat depression.  Cross that bridge when its time.  Living at risk you both need to focus on today and of course his father.  (AND your new arrival, of course!) 
      Care to chat send me an email.  I'd be glad to listen. 

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      Yesturday my father in law attempted to end his life as a way to cope with his Huntington's. He seems to have it made up in his head that the doctors can do more than they are which is untrue - they've already gone above and beyond. He decided after starting his attempt that he wanted to live called 911 and consented to surgery. He made it through but will be in the hospital awhile. It's extremely difficult for the family to take as my husband and my unborn child are both at risk. It's extremely scary for me to think that my husband could potentially go down the same road. My father in law was living with family up until now but we've decided that he needs 24 hour care so we are looking into placement. Before this happened I had finally talked my husband into seeing a therapist to discuss his issues with his dad's illness and being at risk now my husband is refusing to go, he's shut down and won't talk about it. I'm having trouble getting him to understand how helpful it would be. Sorry I'm rambling but I needed to vent a little myself.
      Thanks for providing a place for me to do so.

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