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Trehalose to the Rescue Again - New HDDW Article

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  • Jean E. Miller
    Dr. LaVonne Goodman has an exciting review and update on Trehalose on the HDDW website! When you visit the site, you ll see it s changing! The HDDW is
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2007
      Dr. LaVonne Goodman has an exciting review and update on Trehalose on the HDDW website!  When you visit the site, you'll see it's changing!  The HDDW is putting news, reviews and other current information on their front page, www.hddw.org

      Trehalose to the Rescue Again

      Researchers from the University of Cambridge in England report promising results for trehalose in models of both Huntington's and Parkinson's. Dr. LaVonne Veatch Goodman reviews this report that focuses on trehalose benefit shown in a cellular system called autophagy. This mode of action now joins a growing list of cellular benefits for this safe treatment; in fact, scientists have now described more neuroprotective mechanisms triggered by trehalose than any other agent studied in HD models.
      Ordering Information
      Per the HDDW website,  Trehalose can be ordered in bulk from Brooklyn Premium Corporation under the brand name of Neurocoat at a cost of $21.99 for 3 pounds, or about $36 per month.

      Brooklyn Premium Corp.
      60 Flushing Ave.
      Brooklyn, NY 11205
      Telephone: 718-858-4200
      Fax: 718-858-4785
      Neurocoat Ordering Page: http://www.brooklynpremium.com/neurocoat.html
      Outside USA
      Huntington's Trehalose
      56 The Peninsula
      Monterey Keys Qld 4212
      Kylie Thompson
      Email: kyliethompson@... 
      Telephone: 07-55731732
      International Tel: 61-7-55731732
      Facsimile: 07-55804502
      International Fax: 61-7-55804502
      Few other resources:
      Trehalose: Sweet Rescue - HDL Article
      Trehalose benefit was first shown in Huntington's model systems (Tanaka et al. 2004). Huntington's is an autosomal dominant neurodegenerative disease which ...
      Treatment Now - HDL Article
      Huntington's Project - PDF Trehalose Information

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