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We Need Your Help!!!

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  • Susie
    Dear Friends and Family, Most of you know that Huntington s Disease, a neuro-degenerative, genetic disease of the brain haunts both Dave s family and my
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2007
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      Dear Friends and Family,
      Most of you know that Huntington 's Disease, a neuro-degenerative, genetic
      disease of the brain haunts both Dave’s family and my family. My late
      husband, Bud, and Dave’s late wife, Paula, died with HD after  long
      courageous battles.  Dave and I have continued the battle and are deeply
      committed to finding a treatment or cure so that this is the LAST generation
      to know HD.  My son, Bobby, was diagnosed with HD in 2002 and lives with Dave and I.  Dave                  
      has 4 children who are EACH fifty percent at risk for developing HD. Two
      years ago, Dave and I decided to step up our commitment and co-chaired the
      1st Annual TEAM HOPE-Walk For A Cure. We like to call it our "little walk
      in the park with some family and friends." That year, we grossed close to
      $20,000 with a little over 200 walkers. Last year we called upon our
      friends to increase their commitment and grossed $30,000 with a little over
      300 walkers. This year is no different. On May 20, 2007, we will co-chair
      our 3rd Annual TEAM HOPE-Walk For The Cure and have set $50,000 as our goal.
      In order to do that, we're calling on you to help us find the elusive cure
      by raising funds to help our researchers. We have hope that they're close.
      However, with out the necessary funds, they cannot do their important work.
      We hope you'll help us. Dave and I have set $5000 as our personal goal
      towards the Walk For The Cure goal. We've set up a website explaining how
      YOU can help and hope that you'll take the time to look at it and make a
      donation. We're also hoping that by involving each of YOU, Huntington 's
      Disease receives more exposure and awareness to the general public. By
      making YOU aware of this devastating disease, perhaps you'll pass our
      website on to YOUR friends and become advocates with us in helping to find a cure.
      We need YOUR help. Dave and I are committed to helping all those that
      suffer with HD. We hope you'll share in our commitment. Please look at
      this link and become committed with us!

      http://www.firstgiv ing.com/DaveandS usie

      If you are uncomfortable giving online, you can always send a donation to:

      Dave and Susie Hodgson

      75 Birch Drive

      Sandwich , Il .  60548

      Peace and love to you all in the battle to make this the last generation to
      know Huntington's Disease.

      Dave and Susie

      Illinois Chapter TEAM HOPE-Walk For The Cure
      http://www.HDWalk. org
      Ill. Chapter-HDSA Web Page
      http://www.hdsa- il.org
      Sponsor Dave & Susie's Walk
      http://www.firstgiv ing.com/DaveandS usie


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