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  • sbrooks11
    Jul 13, 2013
      Hi, I was wondering if this Susie is the one I used to write to who had a husband who died of HD? I lost contact with her but would so like to reconnect as she was so much help to me coping with my son's HD. Thank you.

      --- In huntingtonsatrisk@yahoogroups.com, susie_que_56 <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Hi Neb Julie,Lovelyrosepetals and Evalvic these are our newest
      > members in At Risk Group WELCOME to you all.
      > Evalvic anytime you want to talk about yourself you are most welcome
      > to do so. How else will we get to know you? I am glad we could be
      > here to help you out in this rough part of your life. I won't pretend
      > that OI know what it is to be at risk but I know what it is like as a
      > mother with two at risk sons, one 23 and the other will soon be 12.
      > Kevin my oldest started this club but I watch over it day to day. He
      > does check it quite often though.
      > We also have several from the UK here but due to the time differance
      > some don't come into the chat room as there is a 6 hour difference or
      > more. PLease remember that weather you test is your decision no one
      > elses but us non riskers have a way of putting in our 2 cents worth.
      > Everyone has to deal with HD in their own fashion as you are the one
      > who has to live with the final out come of testing. Good or bad it is
      > never easy as if you test neg you can have suvivors guilt as well
      > which is just as bad. I do hope that someone from yur area will know
      > of a dr who will be more supportave to you and your plight. I do wish
      > you the best in finding your way through all this, and please know we
      > are here for you when ever you need us.
      > Susie
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