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  • melly_aj
    May 31, 2013
      My name is Melissa, I am 26 years old and a single mom. My Mother passed away from complications of HD in 2000. I still have a hard time dealing with it all emotionally. I am still at risk of inheriting the gene but have not been tested yet. I am too afraid because I don't think I could handle it if I found out I have the gene. But right now, I think there is still an equal chance of not having HD. I just try ot live my life the best I can because if I do have it, I don't want to be sick and wish I had lived more happily. I go to counseling sometimes but was told maybe I should try to find support groups and others who have been in my situation. It seems alot of people (when I tell them about HD) don'treally understand how bad it is because they haven't been through it....I also am worrying more recently because sometimes my nerves are bad and I am shakey.
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