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7261The HD Quilts

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  • Dave Hodgson
    Nov 26, 2012
      Susie and I would like to give up the job of being "Keeper of the Quilts,"
      and are looking for a new caretaker for them. We send them out 3 or 4 times
      a year to various events and as we now live in a much smaller home, we would
      like to use the room we have for other items. Being the keeper involves
      sending them out to those chapters and support groups that request them.
      We've asked that those who want to display them at their event, pay for the
      shipping (both ways). While the amount we charge doesn't always cover the
      shipping cost to the event, we pay that amount over and above the amount we
      charge and use it as a donation to HD. There are 3 quilts. Each one has
      its own photo album thanks to Marie Nemec and her husband, Ron. Each one
      also has a guest book. Each one has its own duffle bag to protect it. If
      you're interested in becoming the new "Keeper" please email me privately.
      If no one wants to volunteer for the job, I'll try to make arrangements to
      send them to our national office in New York City.
      Dave Hodgson

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