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7253Positive HD gene test two years ago

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  • nrjrhd
    Jul 24, 2012
      I am 120 miles from the nearest support meetings. I have never
      considered a support person on line until today. I just resently found
      this site. I do not have anyone which I can discuss this horrible
      situation with that understands first hand how I feel.

      My father died with HD nine years ago. I am one of six children. One
      brother was diagnosed two years ago, one sister with all the symptoms
      but refuses to go to a doctor,and one brother with a negitive gene test.
      The other siblings are very much in denial. I have cousins also at risk,
      but none that will talk about IT.

      I am 56 years old. My family tends to develope the symptoms in our late
      fifties. I was my fathers caregiver for 12 years so I know first hand
      what a dreadful time my family will have caring for me. I have a
      wonderful and supportive husband and two children that love me dearly
      but I would rather go to a early grave than for them to have to care for

      I lost my job 16 monthes ago after working for 27 years as a LPN. I had
      difficulty caring for my patients and eventually become a risk for the
      company. After a hospitalization and multiple med changes, my
      depression, anxiety and panic attacks are finally under control.

      I would like to hear from you and learn your story.
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