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Re: Grrrr!! Hear it in North San Diego BAD!!!

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  • surfyah
    ... Hi! It s been SUPER BAD up here in North Clairemont, and can actually be heard over in the Mission Gorge area too, near Zion. I ve also hear vaguely up in
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 31, 2007
      --- In humforum@yahoogroups.com, "frenic03" <frenic03@...> wrote:
      > We've just moved here (Chula Vista, CA), and for the past 2 nights
      > now, we've heard this. We're not the only ones either. At around 4am
      > the other morning, I couldn't take it anymore, and I got dressed,
      > went outside, and I heard it LOUDER out there!! My neighbor was also
      > looking out of his door, looking around as if wondering where the
      > hell this sound is coming from. The best description I can make, is
      > it sounds like an old refridgerator slowly rocking back and forth.
      > This may sound silly, but it got me nauseous last night for a few
      > min. because it's like it was making me sea sick or something!! LOL.
      > My husband is an E6 (1st class) in the Navy, and I asked him to ask
      > around on base to see if there's any type of pumping station. We
      > live near a freeway, and I can hear this stupid wavering hum over
      > the noise of the traffic. But what's worse, is at night--when the
      > traffic slows down and it's really quiet out, the hum is louder.
      > I know there are Navy helicopters landing and taking off from the
      > base, and this hum is NOT a helicopter. It sounds like a bus is
      > parked at the side of the freeway---really close to our house, and
      > it's waiting, making this hum.
      > I can NOT wait to move out of this area!! Is it 2009 yet? Even then,
      > I have no idea where the Navy is going to send us. I can hear it
      > right now as I type, and it's driving me crazy. I wish I could go
      > back home to the East Coast, where we never had this and it was so
      > quiet all the time.

      Hi! It's been SUPER BAD up here in North Clairemont, and can actually
      be heard over in the Mission Gorge area too, near Zion. I've also hear
      vaguely up in the Miramar area. I contacted a sewer dept guy and have
      not had a chance to meet with him and point out the areas. Between
      work and other commitments!!! But I'm pretty sure it's coming from
      underground pumps. I believe there is an underground pipe that runs
      from the water reclamation dept (south Miramar Air base area) and runs
      down the 805 to Chula Vista, for watering golf courses, and the like.

      This guy says his book of pumps and generator for San Diego is a Big
      book, cause I asked him to send me the pump and generator locations
      for the area where this GOD AWFUL NOISE is. I guess it's too much
      trouble to copy a few pages, but anyway, I'd like to go to his office
      and take a look, if I ever have any time! The noise is THAT BAD, that
      I'd take up MY Precious time to go do that! But these past 2 weeks
      they seem to have revved things up, cause I am IRRITATED and my EARS
      DON't LIKE IT! I know it's no good for small bodies, like pets, and
      children, if it's affecting my like that!

      Anyway, up in this area (near the freeway) it overwhelms freeway
      noise, when the traffic is light at night, and can ALSO be heard
      OUTSIDE, especially at night, but also sometimes in the day! In fact,
      I've heard "ringing" the old water pipes at times! I think that's what
      actually got this guy's attention, cause as you know San Diego is in
      deep doodoo for their pipe breakage! But I've contacted Donna Frye and
      McDaffer both on city council, and gee, they don't seem to know what
      it could be! So, anyway, I do think you are on the right track,
      pumps/generators, most logically generating from the water dept. I
      wonder why SDGE can't spill out some news about it, since these are
      most likely running off electricity, since they never, never, never
      stop! I'm sick of it, and so are my ears!!!
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