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Re: HUM_FORUM: Re: New frequency?

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  • Tobypaws2002@aol.com
    In a message dated 26/08/2007 06:51:26 GMT Standard Time, bpcurry@worldnet.att.net writes: I don t see how ionospheric heating can have any effect on global
    Message 1 of 14 , Aug 30, 2007
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      In a message dated 26/08/2007 06:51:26 GMT Standard Time, bpcurry@... writes:
      I don't see how ionospheric heating can have any effect on global warming.
      (R.M. agrees, thanks Bill.)

         The green house effect has been understood for about 100 years by scientists as being a way that the earth - atmospheric system traps more heat energy than it radiates away until the temperature of both warms up and reaches an equilibrium state.  Atmospheric particles complicate the picture, but for about 15 years, scientists have been including ice particles, dust particles, and water droplets in their calculations - as far as I know.  I recall a meeting about 13 years ago in the Chicago area in which the aerosol research community considered how these atmospheric particles might affect the impact of global warming on the climate.  What I remember the most was the suggestion that global warming with aerosols being present was likely to produce climatic extremes.  The reason is that global warming occurs most strongly in equatorial regions, but atmospheric cooling by aerosol pollution associated with human activity occurs mostly in the temperate zones.  This affects the large scale atmospheric currents.  I don't think we yet have enough data to determine whether the extremes of weather we have seen is the last few years is mainly due to global warming or part of natural cyclic changes, but I do think that global warming is definitely occurring and climate changes are beginning.

      Regards, Bill Curry

       Thanks , Bill.
      We have heard many opposing views about whether global warming is
      due to human CO2 (etc) emissions, or , as Bill says, whether it is due to natural fluctuations,
      over a longer geological time span.
      England, I hear, was at one time under 300 (?) feet of ice, and at another time,
       under a shallow sea,. and yet at one time was more tropical in climate than temperate,
       as it is now.
      The long-term view suggests caution in attributing the current trends towards more extreme weather,
      to OUR activities, but I cannot think that the millions of tons of rubbish we put into the atmosphere
       has no effect at all....  I tend to take seriously the warnings about Global Warming....
      I recall the Biosphere experiment in USA where they tried to set up a self-regulating climate, and failed because the concrete under the domes/enclosures was giving off CO2, and upsetting the balance.
      There was a programme, I think maybe on the U.K.'s  'Open University' about it.
      Now I must wonder, if they got that calculation wrong, and hadn't thought of
      the total effects involved, what else have they got wrong ?!
      But I have to conclude that we ought, as a species, to try to get back to
      a state where the total environment is more like the natural , more stable state of the earth...
      it seems only common sense to me to notice how much we are exploiting the earth,
      and upsetting the delicate balance of nature...
      I believe this Hum problem only got underway once the population and density of human
      activity had reached a certain point, and that before that,
       the acoustic environment was probably much less noisy than it is now.
      Didn't someone write here, that after 9-11, when all flights were stopped,
       the Hum went right down, or fell silent?
      When I think of how many thousands of planes are chugging across the world all the time,
       especially overnight, long-haul, their noise is floating through the sky,most of the time,
       and probably accumulating to raise the general background levels of noise....
      If we could reduce our obsessions for faster travel, further travel,
      and all the consumer 'goodies' that we have learnt to desire,
       then maybe we could reverse the trends we have started....
      Most of our problems on this earth come from there being too many people.
      When the earth had far fewer people on it, I would think the climate might have been  less extreme,
      although, I acknowledge there have always been extreme events like earthquakes,
      etc., it's just that communications are so much quicker now, and we hear of most events quickly.
      This Hum problem I would suggest, is an example (or a 'symptom') of how our human activities
      are pushing the general environment further and further away from the 'natural'
      state of things, i.e., clean air, clean seas, clean rivers, quiet acoustic environment....
      Just tossing some thoughts around !
       Hoping this helps in some small way.
      I am so very sorry that so many people are suffering with L.F.N.,
       I know how bad it makes you feel when you are oppressed by constant noise....
      Stay strong !
      Best Wishes,
      LFNS Helpline,
    • Tobypaws2002@aol.com
      In a message dated 26/08/2007 23:06:55 GMT Standard Time, eleanor@shoestringradio.net writes: I m referring to the spraying of chemicals, emanating from parts
      Message 2 of 14 , Sep 4, 2007
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        In a message dated 26/08/2007 23:06:55 GMT Standard Time, eleanor@... writes:
        I'm referring to the
        spraying of chemicals, emanating from parts of the
        aircraft other than the engines. I sincerely hope
        you find a day where chemtrails and contrails are
        side by side.

        It seems some people are unable to see them
        because they simply don't believe an entity with
        resources to spray chemtrails would do so.

        These bizarre activities of recent years are a major
        pointer to the types of things that could be
        responsible for the Hum.

        Eleanor White
        Hamilton, Ontario

        Hi Eleanor,
         Could you please give an idea of how chemtrails
         could possibly cause a hum at ground level?
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