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  • auntb15
    I just found this group today and have read some past messages. I have heard a hum since 3/1/2001. There is a factory nearby that had complaints of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2007
      I just found this group today and have read some past messages.

      I have heard a "hum" since 3/1/2001. There is a factory nearby that
      had complaints of pollution from their mfg. process. They installed a
      system that started up that day. I tried contacting city officials and
      the plant mgr. for a resolution to no avail. (I asked the plant
      manager to insulate the outside pipe causing the hum.) I have run into
      a brick wall with any effort I made. Someone from the city did pay me
      a visit. On they day she was at my house the noise was almost
      nonexistent. It made me wonder if she has contacted the company and
      told them she was going to check it out therefore warning them. I was
      still aware of a slight noise because I was familiar with the quite
      that was normal before. I tried to get her to ride with me to the
      plant to hear the noise, but that didn't happen. The woman did call
      days later to say that a tower had been installed on a hillside about
      ten miles away from where I lived and that a fence had been put up to
      keep everyone away. Perhaps something mysterious was happening as a
      result (military use?). (Any excuse to get me off their backs, I

      I brought up the problem at a civic league meeting. No one else seems
      to experience a problem and I got strange stares/crazy looks. I have
      even asked some neighbors, but no one else hears it. The vibration is

      I noticed a few of you live near military bases. Does anyone else live
      near a landfill? I live within a couple of miles from one (they no
      longer accept trash), and they have a methane gas recovery system.
      About two years ago they had a problem with a valve which created a
      vibration problem that extended a couple of miles. My windows rattled
      slightly. Another person in the neighborhood said her doors rattled.
      Plus, there were several other reports of similar incidents closer to
      the landfill.

      Thinking back, I did hear hums earlier (about the time the plant moved
      into their facility). I could not pinpoint the source, thought it was
      bad sound from the TV. During the night I would hear a sound that I
      thought was a car door closing, every 20 min.

      I would like to move but worry about whether any prospective buyer
      would hear the hum. I have been to relatives houses where I have not
      heard the hum so I hope I could escape the hum.

      I have seen that others have move and have not gotten away from the
      hum. It does not seem to be isolated to one general locale, but occurs
      in California, Florida, Canada, etc.

      Sorry to ramble. Buy the way, I'm in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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