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Re: Pain in the neck

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  • nonnijonsson
    Hello Vinnie The hum has been getting worse for me lately. In the summer I was moving around more and at the cottage most of the time. Now at home it is
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 2, 2006
      Hello Vinnie
      The hum has been getting worse for me lately. In the summer I was
      moving around more and at the cottage most of the time. Now at home
      it is getting louder. I have heard it since about 1986 and feel as if
      I am an old veteran. I have not had much sleep in the last week. I
      sleep about 3 hours and go into REM sleep have a dream, wake up, and
      cant get back to sleep. To me it feels like the wind is blowing
      through me, it energizes me enough that I stay awake. To me it sounds
      like a diesel engine running outside, very rough and sometimes has an
      extra beat to it. My family does not hear it and that makes it hard
      on me, even though they say they understand.
      I do not have a headache, but it feels like it is digging in more.
      Right now I have a cyst behind my right ear, probably because I keep
      my jaw clamped so tight. My Dr. say it is nothing to worry about.
      One thing I do while I am not sleeping is to play a Hemi-sync
      tape with headphones on. (Hemi-sync can be found with Google) This
      keeps me relaxed enough so that I can get out of bed in the morning.
      The Hemi-sync tapes make me more "sensitive" which is a problem.
      I also use a fan on the table. This summer I needed to cool off and
      had a fan running, and when I turned it off I realized that I felt
      much better. I sometimes turn on a radio, put it on FM between
      stations so that it generates a hiss (white noise). On FM you dont
      get static noises.
      Other things I do is get up and walk around, simple but helps. If
      I am at home for the weekend I will go for a drive, feel better when
      I get home. When I turn off the car I am usually crystal clear. So I
      spend some of my time every day creating what I call a happy hour :-
      ) just being alone and doing someting that makes me feel better.

      Best Wishes

      --- In humforum@yahoogroups.com, "vinnieswill" <Vinnieswill@...>
      > I live in the west of montana. I have been hearing the hum for
      about 2
      > years on and off, most of the time early in the mornings and
      > they would last into the day. When it would happen in was mostly a
      > humming that would change pitch and no one else would hear it but
      > I found it mostly to be a wonderment then anything and my responce
      > would be this is wierd! oh well I thought! It had been fairly quiet
      > for five or six months maybe hear it for a short time once in
      > well that was till last night. the hum came back with a vengence it
      > was very low, lower then anytime before, It had a different sound
      > it then before and continued for hours it got so bad that a pain in
      > the back of my neck below my skull started to begin. it was very
      > distressing to me. again no one else could hear it. Look I am
      > you all, there is something very unnatural going on here. even as i
      > write this the unconfertable feeling in the back of my neck is
      > there. to weird
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