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Re: HUM_FORUM: Contribution for explaining the vibrating Hum, HAARP and IH

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    In a message dated 30/06/2006 14:17:19 GMT Standard Time, humlobotomist@yahoo.co.uk writes: This french site was translated to english. I believe some if this
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      This french site was translated to english. I believe some if this
      material do explain the reason for the Hum. Judge for yourself!

      petit.com/Divers/ Arme_meteorologi que/aurore_ boreale_artifici elle.htm

      First aurora borealis created by the man

      Let us start by reproducing two successive articles published in the

      PHYSICS: For the first time, researchers started in the sky of Alaska
      a phenomenon visible with the naked eye with radio waves
      The American army creates an aurora borealis. Two American scientists
      succeeded in causing the first aurorae boreales artificial visible
      with the naked eye, thanks to the use of a powerful military system
      dedicated to the study of the ionosphere, the highest layer of the
      atmosphere. The Haarp instrument which was used for this experiment
      been the object of many polemic because some show it to be able to
      modify the climate with fine soldiers, to even stop any form of radio
      communication on planet.

      Cyrille Vanlerberghe

      [ February 03, 2005 ]
      The Haarp installation, close of the town of Gakona in Alaska,
      constitutes a field of radio antennas. This instrument allows the
      study of the ionosphere, the highest layer of the atmosphere, and
      should help the scientists to elucidate the modes of creation of the
      aurorae boreales. (DR..)

      The military installation Haarp in Alaska made a success of an
      astonishing first: to already create artificially luminous spots
      within powerful an aurora borealis in activity. "A my knowledge, it
      is the first time that radio transmissions produce an enough powerful
      luminous activity to be visible with the naked eye, explains by
      courriel Todd Pedersen, scientist of the Air Force Research
      Laboratory of Hanscom in Massachusetts and signatory of discovered
      (1). There already was in the past of the artificial light outputs of
      the same type created by dispersions of chemicals (barium, aluminium
      trimethyl) or electron beams, but never by radio waves."

      The heating of the high layers of the atmosphere is practised since
      the years 1960 to directly study the behavior of the electrons in
      this so particular medium. "This technique of activation makes it
      possible to work with a laboratory of plasma on a very large scale",
      supplements Wlodek Kofman, director of the laboratory of planetology
      of Grenoble. It is known for a long time that the electrons
      accelerated by the terrestrial magnetic field cause aurorae boreales
      while penetrating in the atmosphere in the polar areas.

      These fast electrons from time to time strike atoms present in the
      atmosphere, excite them in their removing one or more electrons with
      the passage. While "being calmed" and while turning over towards
      their state of balance, the atoms emit light radiations green or more
      rarely red, so characteristic of the polar lights. The guiding
      principle of this mechanism is well known, but the medium of plasmas,
      these gases of excited atoms and free electrons, is very complex and
      other secondary phenomena still escape from comprehension from the

      As often in science, the discovery of the two American scientists was
      unexpected. Usually, the researchers do not even try to make function
      the instrument when aurorae boreales illuminate the sky, because the
      natural activity is often much stronger than the artificial
      disturbances caused by Haarp. But instead of remaining the arms
      crossed while waiting for that the dawn from goes away at the time
      one night of March 2004, the two scientists put the instrument all
      the same on the way, by aiming at an area of the lower ionosphere,
      around 100 km of altitude, that that generally excited. And with
      their great surprise, their optical telescopes clearly showed that a
      green point brilliance appeared and disappeared quickly, according to
      the rate/rhythm of operation of the radio operator transmitters. "We
      were so excited by this discovery which we remained inside, vis-a-vis
      of our control screens and we did not even think of going to see
      outside what occurred, tells Todd Pedersen. But our recordings show
      clearly that the phenomenon was visible with the naked eye." The
      researchers now understood that their radio pulsations have in fact
      amplified the aurora borealis natural. The reproduction and the
      precise study of this particular phenomenon should help the
      scientists with better including/understan ding the modes of creation
      of the aurorae boreales.

      (1) Nature, February 3, 2005.

      The military antennas are since years the object of all the
      phantasms. Do Haarp, peaceful project or arm secret?

      C V.
      [ February 03, 2005 ]

      Is Haarp (High frequency activates auroral research program) a
      scientific tool like the others, or acts it in fact of a cover for an
      American military program ultrasecret aiming inter alia handling the
      climate by heating the ionosphere with waves radios? Some American
      activists as of the members of the Russian Parliament think very
      seriously that it acts of a "geophysical weapon" of a new type which
      could radically upset the climatic balance of whole planet. Certain
      rare inhabitants of the area in Alaska show Haarp of all the evils.
      One of them affirms to have seen green gleams above the antennas,
      whereas another known as to have seen caribous going to move back.

      However, at first sight, the Haarp installation, close of the small
      town of Gakona in Alaska, does not have anything particularly
      alarming. It acts simply of a field of radio antennas, masts and
      cables tended in all the directions, covering 9 hectares in the
      medium with a forest of conifers. Moreover of many antennas of the
      same type exist in the world, in Puerto Rico, in Russia, in
      Tadjiskistan and in Norway, but none them gives birth to as many
      phantasms as Haarp. But it true that Haarp, with the difference of
      all the other equivalent scientific instruments, is a joint military
      installation between US Navy and the US Air Force, is financed
      directly by the American department of Defense, without having to
      pass by a process of evaluation by American researchers as it is the
      case usually.

      The recent creation of dawns artificial by the antennas radios of
      Haarp proves, if need be, that the installation functions, and that
      its radio transmissions are quite able to heat the ionosphere (1).
      But is this sufficient to have an impact on the terrestrial climate,
      or to modify the remote weather? "It is fun!, esclaffe Philippe
      Zarka, astronomer specialist in the plasma physics at the Observatory
      from Paris in Meudon.

      Immediate remark : Philippe Zarka is not a "specialist in the plasma
      physics" it is a simple engineer, Petri of popularization scientific,
      without more, which had been formerly ventured to criticize my
      work "One lost half of the universe" (Albin Michel 1997), at the
      request of Herve This, editor associated with the review For Science,
      by lengthening conneries on conneries. My legitimate request for
      right of reply moreover remained vain.

      The energies injected by Haarp in the ionosphere, a few megawatts
      even a few tens of megawatts, are completely negligible compared to
      the contribution of the Sun. At the top of the atmosphere, the Sun
      does not deposit less than 1,4 GW (1,4 billion Watts) per square
      kilometre." Moreover, the scientists succeeded in illuminating with
      Haarp a very small area of the sky, in the heart of a dawn natural
      already active, and which, it, set ablaze half of the sky under the
      effect of electrons accelerated by the lines of terrestrial magnetic

      Ca was not the objectives. See further.

      In addition, of the installations of active study of the ionosphere
      exist since more than one about thirty years, but never were
      seriously shown to ruin the climate. The antiones advance that the
      American military installation is much more powerful, therefore much
      more dangerous than the others. But its current level of power, 960
      kw, is comparable with that of the other instruments. In 2006, with a
      final power of 3,6 MW, Haarp will be only three times more powerful
      than its predecessors, which does not represent a significant

      Beyond the phantasms on the handling of the climate or the action of
      the waves on the behavior of the caribous, it is on the other hand
      obvious that the American soldiers did not invest 90 million dollars
      in Haarp by pure philanthropy. Besides Navy and the US Air Force
      explain openly on the Web site of Haarp the reasons of their interest
      for the ionosphere. This layer of the atmosphere is more or less
      charged in electrons according to hours' with the night or the day,
      or according to the latitude. And these variations influential on all
      the signals radios which cross it.

      The time of course of the ionosphere is, for example, one of the most
      important parameters of correction to improve the precision of the
      system of positioning per satellite GPS. In a more futuristic way,
      the heating specific and modulated certain areas of the ionosphere
      could be used to transmit radio messages of extremely low frequency
      which the submerged submarines can receive. Such transmitters at very
      low frequency are already in service, but do not have a total range.

      (1) the ionosphere is an area of the atmosphere far from dense, above
      100 km altitude in which many atoms lost their electrons and thus
      form a plasma.

      My comment :

      IL is tiring to see journalists addressing itself to scientists not
      equipped with jugeote, whose role seems to be to reassure the
      opinion. In addition, the criticism of any technical projection is
      perceived in the scientific world like a criticism... of science
      itself. Quite rare are the scientists who make hear their voice to
      denounce these dangerous diversions. When this position is adopted,
      one is "inconsiderately alarmist". That applies to all the fields.
      You will not have to seek to well far find biologists who will praise
      you the merits of the genetic engineering or those of the nuclear
      whole. Those which push cries of alarm are only paranoiacs or turned
      sour, held far from the financial baskets, which seek only through
      such declarations to be made interesting.

      Lbe soldiers thus find in the scientists of powerful combined, in
      particular because the Army has many capacities to promote or slow
      down careers. The DGA (General Delegation with the armament, in the
      past the DRET, Direction of Research and Studies Technical) is large
      dispenser of appropriations in many laboratories, through the
      contracts which it signs with them. There is not practically any
      laboratory of physics in France which does not have its contract DGA
      or which does not make benefit the students from purses. You thus do
      not wait to see scientists spitting in soup, the watchword being:

      All is for best in the best of possible sciences.

      Dès August 2002 I devoted a file to project HAARP. It is overwhelming
      to see that the journalists are unaware of, or pretend to be unaware
      of the starting point of such a project. As to imagine only one
      second that the Armed American one can be interested in the study of
      the ionosphere by simple scientific curiosity?

      L' idea starting is to find a means of communicating at long distance
      with submarines. It is known that only radio waves of very low
      frequencies (ULF: Ultra Low Frequency) can cross thick layers of sea
      water. To emit waves of very low frequencies, therefore very big
      wavelengths one needs antennas which are largest possible. In France
      one will not find example these antennas on the plate of Valensole.
      How to have antennas which extend on tens, even hundreds of
      kilometers? That seems physically impossible.

      ON thus imagined to use the ionosphere as antenna. As its name
      indicates it this layer of the atmosphere, located towards the 100-
      120 kilometers of altitude is ionized, composed of ions and free
      electrons this ionization is maintained by the solar radiation and
      its radiation UV. Only a ultratviolet radiation and with beyond A
      enough of energy to release from the electrons which revolve around
      molecules or of atoms. The ionosphere is thus a natural plasma. this
      plasma is sensitive to the electromagnetic waves, with the ultra high
      frequency radiation emitted by the antennas of the Haarp

      UN radiation electromagnetic is a wave, in which the electromagnetic
      field varies. It acts on the particles charged. It starts by simply
      crossing without too many difficulties the low layers of the
      atmosphere which are not ionized, because this field acts can on the
      electrons related on the molecules and the atoms. In altitude this
      field related to the radiation "shakes" the free electrons,
      communicates energy to them. The ions, positively charged, are less
      sensitive to this request of making of a lower mobility, related to
      their mass (a proton is 1850 times heavier than an electron). One can
      schematically regard a plasma as a mixture of two "species": a "free
      gas of electrons" and a gas of heavy species, in the event ions. The
      radiation HF heats gas of electron. This one thus tends to dilate,
      more than gas the "heavy ones". It follows from there a phenomenon of
      separation of the electric charges which I had already described in
      my site three years ago.

      EN modulating the power injected into the ionosphere by the antennas
      one can thus create radial oscillations of gas of electron with
      respect to the mass of the ions, heavier. One can thus be useful
      oneself of this area of the ionosphere like radio antenna, by making
      it function with extremely low frequencies.

      IL is overwhelming not to read this kind of comment in an article of
      Barber-Sciences or the mouth of our be-saying specialist-plasmas,
      engineer Philippe Zarka, of Meudon. But this fact one
      includes/understand s why the soldiers were interested in this device.
      The remark concerning the fact that power of system HAARP and
      thousand times weaker than the total power sent by the sun on the
      ground (1400 megawatts per square kilometre) is not relevant. HAARP
      is not intended to communicate energy with the Earth's atmosphere but
      to modify the contribution of energy coming from the sun. The nuance
      is important. In all the weapons which aim at "using the forces
      present in nature" the system of release have nothing to dohas
      nothing to do with the energy implemented by the phenomenon itself.
      Ca is obviously not with the energy contained in a detonator which
      one will be able to go up tens of thousands of tons of tons which
      will constitute an avalanche, thousand meters with the top of a
      village. Ca is not with the energy contained in a bomb H which could
      possibly create an important seismic phenomenon that one will move
      the north of the island of Sumatra of 25 meters. Ca is not a
      transmitting system of waves electromagnetic which goes gaver a
      thermal area of energy during days or with countered to deprive some
      by creating a reflecting layer. Definitely this aspect escapes still
      completely from the reflexion from the scientists.

      IL exists a second use of such a device of type HAARP: to create
      ionized zones of weak extension. It is that which our two scientists
      saw, this result being presented like "fortuitous, unexpected". In
      fact these people foutent themselves straightforwardly of you. These
      experiments in fact have been undertaken for several decades
      successfully. It acts of an assembled scenario of any part to make
      you believe that while thus wanting "to study the ionosphere" of the
      scientists (implied to the neck in the project) suddenly had the
      enormous surprise to note that they had created a "mini-dawn boreal".

      IL simply acts to start to accustom people to this kind of "play".

      OR it is all except a play. I reexplic, for the nigth time:

      ON will use three electromagnetic radiation sources, located on the
      ground (even in space). The two first emit in frequencies N1 and N2.
      One manages so that, in the atmospheric layer concerned (30-70 km)
      the frequencies are too high to ionize the air. There exists indeed,
      for a density of air given, a frequency of resonance. In the air one
      will always find some electrons free. If one "shakes them" with a
      variable electromagnetic field (an electromagnetic wave) these
      electrons will make return tickets between the close atoms and
      molecules. Imagine that you held a hammer between two bells and that
      you make rebound this hammer from one bell to another. You imagine
      well that you will meet a frequency of resonance when you can exploit
      the capacity of rebound of the hammer on the two bells. By doing this
      you will be able to go until... breaking them.

      Vous will find a phenomenon similar in a gas, in the air. The
      frequency of resonance depends on its pressure (in fact of its
      density). The time which will put a free electron to rebound from one
      atom to another, from one molecule to another will be called time of
      mean free path. One will call the reverse of this time the electronic
      frequency of collision in gas, with this pressure and temperature
      given. For air with a pressure lower than the millimetre of mercury
      (in a "vacuum bell-jar") this frequency is of the order of the
      million hertz. One will then ionize easily this medium with the
      electromagnetic wave emitted by a simple reel of Rhumkorff, under one
      megahertz. In air with the atmospheric pressure, denser, where the
      mean free path is more reduced, where the frequency of collision is
      stronger it will be necessary to implement frequencies of the order
      of the gigahertz (thousand mégahetz) which is typically those emitted
      by the klystrons of the radars, but also by the antenna of the
      microwave of your kitchen.

      Rlet us evenons with our ionizing system. The two sources N1 and N2
      have frequencies which differ from the frequencies of resonances of
      low crossed layers. But if the faiseaux ones are crossed a phenomenon
      of "beat appears then". One manages so that the difference of the
      frequencies: (N1 - N2) that is to say close to the frequency of
      resonance to altitude where the two beams cross. Then one will ionize
      there and not elsewhere. It was this manipulation which our two
      researchers made, but they were not going to have fun with you to
      tell it. It was simply a question of starting to accustom people of
      the area (and the public) to the idea that one can "accidentally"
      create mini-dawns boreal artificial.

      Blet us see some....

      With what that is used?

      ON sweeps space with these two beams by creating with will a rather
      thin ionized layer, to which one can give does not import which
      shape, y included/understood that of a concave mirror able to reflect
      the radiation emitted by a third source and to then redirect it at
      very long distance. This mirror will be visible only of night. For
      more discretion it is preferable to operate day. The ionized layer,
      emitting little light, will be then practically undetectable.

      IL is tiring to see scientists or alleged such statement that the
      Haarp system has a negligible influence on the upper atmosphere. It
      sagit not to constitute great volumes of ionized gas. Besides Ca, the
      Sun takes care some, by devoting only one very weak part of energy
      that it sends to us. The remainder feeds photosynthesis, heats
      terrestrial surface.

      IL acts to locally modify the transparency of the upper atmosphere,
      either in "opening a window" or by creating a reflective surface. It
      is in that that HAARP takes climatic value of weapon. Several systems
      are then combined to operate an erudite handling of the Earth's
      atmosphere. Chemical substances can be widespread in altitude using
      planes to constitute reflective layers. If one allows the wire days
      with a mass of hot air to constitute oneself in an area and with a
      mass of cold air to settle in another, distant hundreds or even of
      thousands of kilometer, one will arrive inevitably at a point of
      instability where the rebalancing of the pressures will pass by a
      phenomenon which could be extremely brutal, violent and destroying,
      with winds of 200 kilometers per hour, to see more. A phenomenon
      which could be completely strange in the touched area, people being
      by no means accustomed to see cyclones devastating their cities,
      their forests and their cultures.

      Dyears these cases, if a system similar to HAARP contributed to
      create the phenomenon that is not him which would provide destroying
      energy but the Sun!

      CE which is killing, as for the seismic weapons, it is that the
      scientists systematically confuse destroying energy brought into play
      by the phenomenon and that which was used as release. One has the
      impression that the message of the scientific community is:

      - Be without concern, good people. Continue to sleep on your two
      ears. Those which seek with you worry are mistaken. Nothing of all
      that exists. The soldiers sign only peaceful studies of the
      environment of the Earth, of its ionosphere. The stressing of the
      frequency of the phenomena devastators, of the tornadoes or cyclones,
      including in Europe, are due only to... the reheating of the
      atmosphere related to the effect of greenhouse. The soldiers do not
      have nothing to do there. Do not believe either that they are
      responsible for the strandings of the Cetacea on our coasts. It
      probably acts of a virus not identified which is caught some with
      their inner ear and not of the effect of the sonars of the submarines
      and the ships.

      The genetic engineering is without danger. Moreover, when one wants
      to study a plant genetically modified in full nature, one puts a
      fence around. When the bees see netting, they include/understand and
      make half-turn. There are thus no risks of dissemination of the
      seeds. There are no either hypersonic planes flying to ten thousand
      kilometers per hour with the top of your heads as some try to make
      you believe it. All that corresponds to one "is delirious
      technological" . The Americans are far from being at this stage. See
      these tests of which they return account to us, corresponding to the

      Note the modest size of this machine. These studies are only with the
      stammerings. We are far from a machine of big size. If these machines
      existed, we would know it, go! The idea as what the tsunami which
      devastated Indonesia could be created by the man is simply delirious.
      Consider the fact that the American base of Diego Garcia, where are
      based strategic bombradiers, was saved thanks to the providential
      presence of a 5000 depth meters oceanic pit like due to the simple
      chance. Even thing for the overflight by an American altimetric
      satellite, just at the moment when the phenomenon could be studied
      best. Idem for the presence of important American forces armed not
      far from there, December 26. The evil should not be seen everywhere,
      as some are ingénient to do it.

      Lastly, last precision, let us stop good once for all with this
      rotten phenomenon UFO which is only one rumour, a simple sociological
      phenomenon. Pravda published a photograph of an alleged machine
      having flown over the Iranian nuclear sites. It acts of a joke of bad
      taste, or of a handling and one can only be astonished that this
      Russian daily newspaper lent itself to such a joke whereas on April
      first is still far. Everyone knows today that the UFOS are balloons
      probes, or correspond to a bad interpretation of observations of
      natural phenomena, even with lamentable hoaxes. But can be the
      Russians and the Iranians need they to call upon such a pretext to
      justify the reinforcement of their space matter co-operation.

      Russia and Iran join their efforts vis-a-vis to a possible invasion
      of UFOS:
      If those appeared in the Iranian sky they would be cut down at once
      by a system of anti-aircraft defence.

      Dbe not-identified flying objects continue to sow terror with the
      Middle-East. Nobody can with the Juste what make with these objects
      whereas it seems obvious that one cannot remain without reacting.
      Russia and Iran decided to link their efforts to study this strange
      phenomenon. This news could appear ridiculous with the first access,
      but a bond appears between these appearances and the development of
      the Iranian nuclear potential "the ufomania" prevails now in Iran.
      The high command of the Iranian air forces recently gave the order to
      cut down any penetrating suspect object in the airspace of the
      country, by implementing all the anti-aircraft means available.

      Lbe Iranian media insist more and more on the threat which these
      objects could represent for the nuclear installations of the country.
      The Resalat daily newspaper returned account owing to the fact that
      the country had been flown over more and more frequently by these not
      identified machines. According to this newspaper of the strange
      luminous objects would have been seen with the top of Busher and
      Natanza where are located nuclear installations. One of the witnesses
      said that one of the objects "had exploded in the sky".

      LE Iranian Defence Department tries to alleviate the anxiety of the
      population vis-a-vis to this phenomenon. The General Qarim Gavani
      specified that measures had been taken to protect the nuclear
      installations from the country and that the Iranian air forces would
      make owe them in the event of aggression. The interest for the
      subject UFO has very quickly developed in Iran for one year. The news
      services one makes state of dozen case where people claimed to have
      seen UFOS passing to the top of their heads. The television of State
      presented a sequence where one sees a brilliant disc flying over
      Teheran. In eight cities of the country of many people left their
      houses to contemplate very brilliant lights being detached on the
      clouds. The INRA made state of multicoloured observations of objects
      emitting of the green, red and purple rays around Tabriz and of
      Ardebil, like with the top of the province of Golestan, close to the
      Caspian Sea.

      Lhas Russia ensured Iran that it would bring its assistance to him if
      this one were to fight UFOS. Russian is put a term at this problem,
      with this anomaly at the beginning of the years four twenty ten, when
      the whole of the population of Soviet Union started to panic in
      connection with these strange objects. Iran and Russia stressed the
      establishment of a bilateral collaboration, in particular for space
      exploration and the placement of satellites. Apart from the Russo-
      Iranians agreements made at the time of these problems of UFOS the
      two countries collaborate for the launching of the Zohreh satellite.

      Posting Guidelines:

      1.  The orientation of this forum is scientific, with everything that implies.  Reasoned and articulate criticism of ideas and theories is welcome.
      2.  The following are not allowed:  personal attacks, gratuitous profanity, "kook" posts, and supernatural explanations.
      3.  Limit posts to those that are necessary and have substantive content.  In general, no more than three per person per day.
      Hi Folks,
      I only had time to quickly skim through the above article, and could not see any references to the experiment causing low pitched hums.
      As far as I could see, it only made a small patch of visible activity, like Aurora Borealis.
      70Km up in the atmosphere, with presumably a highly focussed beam seems to me not to be a candidate for a source of The Hum.
      I would love to read an explanation of just how hums could be caused by this.
      I would expect most  hums to be terrestrial, and from far less obscure  phenomena, for possible inclusions in the search .
      R.M.    Southampton, England.
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