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Magnolia Hum shuts off @ 10:34 am back on again@ 7:30 A good 6er

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  • karen &James Butler
    Well folks,here we are in 2006.I couldn t get any rel sleep but a catnap or so and so decided to just get up and busy myself. But I d like to tell you all
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2006
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      Well folks,here we are in 2006.I couldn't get any rel sleep but a
      catnap or so and so decided to just get up and busy myself. But I'd
      like to tell you all something that I believe is very important and
      could apply to a lot of folks like us. I've suffered from the Hum for
      10 going on 11 years now. I know that I am very sensitive to it and
      there's just no room for argument there as far as I'm concerned. So
      I'm going to tell you the real evil side of this thing. I started
      having a lot of health problems that I'd never experienced before
      after first hearing the hum.
      Depression,lethargy,confusion,agitation,nausea,vertigo.nosebleeds and
      so on. To the point,had all sorts of tests done and only results were
      an elevation in liver enzymes. (Now you all know my pre-occupation
      with liver and pancreatic cancer in my area) My Dr. couldn't
      understand this as he knows I'm not a heavy drinker,took only an
      aspirin or two for an occasional ache and pain and here I was,just
      crashing! So he,sent me to a shrink. Let me tell you this,military
      folks active or retired or really allergic to head docs. But,the
      depression was bad and I knew that there were good medicines for this
      that might put me on my feet again. I also had told my Doc about
      hearing this annoying noise. Had my hearing checked and it was great.
      So I go to the shrink and tell him all my problems,which by the
      way,nowadays there's no couch,they just write pills and dictate what
      your problem is. I told him about the noise and it was then that I
      was listed as bi-polar having audio hallucinations and being
      delusional. He also told me when I disagreed to this that I was being
      anti-social and bordering on physchosis. In other words,I was hearing
      things that didn't exist,and was being a crazy person for insisting
      that I was. His rationale was that he didn't hear anything. In the
      course of three years 4 other dr's concurred. There was no noise,I
      was hallucinating and in the meantime I'm just falling apart. I'm not
      going to bore you all with rest of the story. I'll tell the end
      result. I got into my ,I'm mad as hell and not going to take this
      anymoer mode,s---canned their drugs and told them to go to a
      destination further south than Ms. I decided I'd find the answers
      myself. And thank God,while having a Hum night like tonight I found
      the Taos Hum page and you folks. The warning here,is that I lost 3
      years of my life to a bunch of people telling me what and how to
      think. I had no input. Resistance was futile as the Borg say. Now,I
      find out that there's a world of us crazy hallucinating people out
      there. This is really disturbing to me. Think of all the people out
      there that hear and haven't found this forum or the Taos page yet.
      Just think of the implications. I learned quick that my
      opinions,thoughts,insights,beliefs,or comments were quickly negated
      and dispelled in a bunch of physcho-babble that made me look like a
      foaming at the mouth lunatic. And these people call themselves
      Doctors. Trust me,the post vietnam de-briefings were a piece of cake
      compared to this tryanny. I think all this reflects our whole
      society,we're told what to think,how to act or not and if you don't
      agree,why you are just crazy or an anarchist. Folks,I was in the AF
      during the cold war era,this is how the other side dealt with their
      folks that grumbled or complained. Here on this forum whether we
      agree or disagree,at least we can put our feelings and input in and
      not be threatened. So that's my reason for being so zealous in this
      endeavour I,myself truly believe this is a health hazard of unknown
      magnitude. There is just so much evidence pointing that way. Let us
      use some commen sense. Something this culture seems to be lacking. I
      have never made a New Year's Resolution in my life. I always just
      tried to work on myself on a daily basis. But, I am going to try to
      do everything I can to bring some more folk here,(strenght in numbers)
      We cannot win wars alone,no matter what some politicians tell you.
      Research money is not granted on the basis of a few folks hearing a
      noise,but speaking out can change a lot. I was thinking this morning
      of calling Camp Shelby,Meridian AFB and Keesler AFB and asking about
      their radar grids and their output,and thought,God,they might really
      be suspicious of me. Then I got a grip. I don't care what they think.
      If this is still America and this is the great democracy model that
      our young folks are dying for in Iraq and Afghanistan, then I'll
      continue to speak my mind. Sorry for the rant but just had to say it!
      Lets try to help other like us,so they don't have to bear the
      indignities I suffered.Still hearing that non-existant Hum,Karen;)
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