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Re: HUM_FORUM: No Hum in Africa ?

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    In a message dated 31/03/2004 04:06:12 GMT Daylight Time, johndawes2@yahoo.com writes: The following was posted on the Taos Hum web site April 9 1997, I have
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      In a message dated 31/03/2004 04:06:12 GMT Daylight Time, johndawes2@... writes:
      The following was posted on the Taos Hum web site April 9 1997, I
      have also added a reply to an email asking for information.

      From  Daniel Meyer Daniel@...
      Subject Tao Hum in Switzerland.

      I'm very glad to see that there ist a web site concerning this
      theme. I have read about the phenomenon years ago in an audio pro
      magazine. I'm a sound engineer since 18 years. I detected the hum
      some night when I was living in a very light built house, reading a
      book in my bed. I was wondering why there was a two-propellor
      airplaine flying always in a long distance in the sky at such a late
      time, both propellor in a slightly different numbers of revolution.
      This was about 1983, I cannot say if the hum was there before. From
      that night on the hum was pursueing me almost every night until
      today. I told it several month after to some of my friends. Some
      reached to hear it also, others where absolutely not aware to hear
      it or told me that there could not be such a thing, it must be
      inside me.
      I begun to measure the sound. The sound was a very broad band signal
      between 25 and 40 Hz. The modulation about 1 to 2 Hz.
      In the article I mentioned above, there was the opinion that about
      10 to 15 percent of all people should have an anomalie of their
      ears, so that they are able to hear much more bass frequencies than
      normal persons. This should be one of the reasons why some person
      are aware to hear it while others don't I asked more persons and
      found that acknowledged
      From the days of remarking the sound, it was easy to study the
      phenomenon because at night the sound was very loud. The days I was
      in a psychically more weak estate it was very hard to stand it I had
      sometimes thoughts to leave switzerland because of the hum. I began
      to notice under which circumstances the sound was audible. During
      the days the normal noise covered the hum but in seldom and calm
      periods the hum was absolutely and clearly audible. Then some times
      later I recognised that the noise was quite away except in very
      calme nights, it was anyway audible but very low. In these days I
      heard in a news flash that at the moment in our very near situated
      atomic power plant (Goesgen  near Aarau) there was the time for
      changing the burning elements and the plant was driven down. What a
      message! And about the date it was told us that the plant was
      restarting, the noise was there in old estate.
      I must say that much more near where I live now (since 8 years at
      another near place of the discovering of the hum) there are several
      little water power current plants (do you call them like that in
      english, I don't think so) The effect with the changing of the
      burning elements occurred again years later. Nevertheless, there are
      more signs in my observations during all the years that these atomic
      plants and other big current producing buildings as well as power
      consuming plants driving big motors or machines seem all together
      working out - say better producing this hum.
      I also hear the hum 40 km away from the plant on top of a 1400m
      hight  mountain.
      But until today there is no 100 percent correlation between the
      plants and the hum. It seems like the plants are only stimulating
      the resonance making audible or reinforcing something which is
      anyway there. A last word: In the last 12 months I was four times in
      Kenya, East Africa South Coast. There is no hum at all. There are
      also no near currents plants there and for hours during the day the
      current production is stopped. The udes big generators in the hotels
      are audible, but not very far.
      I will stop now with this story.
      It is the first time I write about the hum (and of course the first
      time I write about that in english but I hope it will be possible to
      understand what I mean)
      (Thank you very much for your message, it is very interesting, and very much the same as many other people describe. Please write again when you are able, it is very valuable for us to hear your views and observations.
      R.M.   England. )

      If you can use my story , please feel free
      Best Regards.

      Reply to an email.
      Hello John
      I also have posted a new description recently in the very
      interesting german site
      Unfortunately you are probably not able to read that. Are you
      interested in a translation?
      Concerning your question: I live with that hum now since 20 years.
      As I am a sound engineer and also teaching in the field of sound
      reinforcement (www.zepra.ch) I also tell the pupils from that
      It is very interesting that for the first three months of this year,
      for the first time since these 20 years, the hum was more or less
      absent. I could not relate that to a physical evidence in
      switzerland. But since several weeks the hum ist again there in ist
      normal sound level.
      Unfortunately, because I rather like not to hear the hum all the
      time, especially in the evening and night, I did not care more
      exactly and did not make something like my own scale of level every
      day, let's say from 1 - 10 (subjectiv) If I had, in the first
      month's of 2002, the scale would have been on 1, now it's back on
      about 7 to 8.
      This for today
      Greetings from

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