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Re: HUM_FORUM: just joined

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  • Tobypaws2002@aol.com
    In a message dated 02/06/2005 21:19:59 GMT Daylight Time, rleever@pacbell.net writes: By the way HAARP has a web page. I didn t save the URL but a google or
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      In a message dated 02/06/2005 21:19:59 GMT Daylight Time, rleever@... writes:
      By the way HAARP has a web page.  I didn't save the URL but a google
      or dog-pile on HAARP will find it.

      Some pages are still being updated daily, but others have not been
      updated for several years.  There's a FAQ associated with it where
      they state that they can't possibly be stirring up the atmosphere for
      any length of time [ seconds ] and used the analogy of dumping a glass
      of water into a fast moving stream.  It would make a ripple/splash but
      that would be un-detectable in a few seconds swamped by the 'natural'
      splashes and ripples. 
      (((((((((((((((((((         Hi, That's a good analogy, well said! That was the impression I had about HAARP, that it was highly localised, and for specified, limited lengths of time, not constant....
      That was why I still do not think HAARP is linked to The Hum phenomenon.
      You description of your Hum, b.t.w., is 'classic', and I'm sure many will sympathise, not least me, who will never forget the extreme stress I went through.
      If you would prefer to not say publicly, could you reply privately to a question I keep asking, which is, are you on any prescription drugs? Because some apparently make hearing more sensitive. I try to make sure everyone is aware of this little known aspect.
      Many thanks if you can help .
      R.M.   Southampton, England.
      Tobypaws2002@...              ))))))))))))))

      The site also states somewhere that it's for researching
      communications, especially with submarines, so it's possible that's
      the reason they dismantled the Wi & Mi sites in 2004.

      They also have an open house for two days in the fall.  The public and
      the press are invited.   Maybe someone living nearby [an oxymoron in
      Alaska] could go.

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