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a new sufferer looking for help

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  • charl5150
    Hello, I ve just discovered your link. I m a 30yr old female just outside of Toronto Canada. Please dont reply if you re not serious. I m looking for help
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2003
      Hello, I've just discovered your link. I'm a 30yr old female
      just outside of Toronto Canada. Please dont reply if
      you're not serious. I'm looking for help and some
      answers - and there isnt much out there. I only just
      found out that what I'm experiencing is called the taos hum.
      I've never heard of it before.

      About 2 wks ago I was awoken by the sound of a hum and
      vibration that I thought was my cell phone on silent.
      When I got up to answer it, the phone was off.

      The hum and vibration is becoming more frequent and
      stronger. Its always when I am sleeping in the morning
      and I've noticed it at 330 530 and 830- and only lasts
      a few seconds. It wakes me out of a deep sleep. I can feel this
      vibration on different parts of my body. The other morning it was to
      my face and was very strong. Last night it was very low and could
      hear it when I shut off the tv. It sounded like the low hum of a
      ceiling fan. And I have heard it at this low level before, now that
      I've heard and felt the vibration much stronger, I know what it was.
      I could also hear it in the next room. I've not experienced a strong
      occurance while awake.

      I have been having medical issues since aug that the dr's cant
      explain. I've been to an ENT and had my hearing checked which he says
      is impeccable. I've had more tests I cant even spell, a CT which
      showed nothing and am going for an MRI in Feb. I will be seeing a
      neurologist in 2wks. The symptoms started in Aug with an intense
      pressure on the top of my head. Right now my ears feel plugged and
      they arent. However, I've just started hearing and feeling the hum,
      so I dont know if they're related. I've seen many of my symptoms
      listed on several sites. Any of the dr's I've seen have no idea whats
      wrong with me, all the tests come back normal. They think I'm making
      up my symptoms. I've spent 3 months in bed because I have no balance.
      I have very little concentration, little or no short term memory, I
      have no train of thought and have a hard time putting sentences
      together. I'm not looking for the hum to be the answer to my
      problems, it may just be a coincidence.

      I have never mentioned the hum to my doctors, and dont know if I
      should bother. How do I know what I'm really experiencing is the hum?
      The sound I hear is EXACTLY the same as the last sound byte on the
      Taos Hum Page, where I learned of this group. Do any of you feel the
      vibration? Its like someone put a pager on specific spots of my body,
      each time is a differnt spot. Not knowing is driving me crazy.
      If you have any advice or can put me in contact with
      someone who isnt nuts (pls dont be offened) and knows
      what I'm describing please respond.


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