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Re: HUM_FORUM: fans and maskers.

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    In a message dated 01/02/2005 02:54:54 GMT Standard Time, llamavalley@earthlink.net writes: Jerry, Have you tried using a small fan to mask the hum? It helps
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      In a message dated 01/02/2005 02:54:54 GMT Standard Time, llamavalley@... writes:
      Have you tried using a small fan to mask the hum?  It helps a lot as far as the sound, but not much help when it is  pulsing too strongly.  You may mask  the sound , but your body, heart and etc. will still feel it, but  It helps most people with the hum to get sleep.
      Were you by chance, unhooked from any wireless or satellite communcations coming inside your home when this happend?   I am assuming your electricity was off, so you probably were.  Were there any towers or antennas down near you?
      Try the fan if you haven't.  I think it might help.  It does for a lot of people with this problem.  It helps not to get so entrained to that low constant hum or droning sound.
      Hi folks,
      I'd just like to add that there seem to be co.'s that sell several different masking devices, I found one here in England, which shows some photos of the machines.
      One lady sufferer in Bromley (Greater London) bought one that made a hissing sound, variable to suit, a higher or lower pitch of hissing sound.
      The particular one this lady bought I think was the Marsona TSC-330, Int.Travel Sound Conditioner.   
      I went to visit a few days ago, and listened to the device :  it seemed just the kind of constant hiss that is most useful to mask low pitched noises, at least partially, if not completely.
      I will put the link to this particular company here, just so you can have a look at the type of things that are available.
      Please note, I have no commercial interest in the devices, the 'info' is purely as a possible aid to sufferers.
       I do feel that it can provide a psychological help to put something between you and the incoming nuisance noise.
      Best Wishes,
      R.M.      England.
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