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RFs on power lines

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  • Anne
    Hi all, My power company came out today to look over the way my transformer is set up and to try to figure out how they may help regarding this problem. These
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2005
      Hi all,
      My power company came out today to look over the way my transformer is set up and to try to figure out how they may help regarding this problem.  These guys seem to be very up on some things that might be happening in relation to the hum and they seemed rather enthusiastic about trying to help eliminate it.
         First of all they asked me about the things that I could tell that caused me the worst problem.  I immediately answered cell phones, my TV remote, the new dish they tried to install here, satellite phones when used close here.  They talked together about it and decided these frequencies used in these things I named, were all high frequency types that could be drawn into the em fields that the  powerlines generate.   They looked everything over and have come up with a plan to move the transformer a good ways back from my house.  They said they would also have to work with phone people, any pipelines in the area to be sure that it isn't something related to them, if what they do does not work for me.  There are frequencies running down those lines also..I told them the pipe lines had been around here a long time and never bothered me.  They then mentioned to me that what is different now is that they do have frequencies running down them that they did not use to have.
      I must say I was impressed with their willingness to try to help.  They will do this as soon as the ground dries somewhat,  as part of the line will be underground.  They said they will try to set it up the very best they can in such a way that will keep the most rf frequencies away from my house.  I will let you know when the results are in on this.  I hope it works and that I will be able to have tv connections again.
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