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  • Glen MacPherson
    Hi Folks. It has been a while since I ve properly checked in, and I have things to report. First, as an excuse, allow me to mention again that I am a parent of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2013
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      Hi Folks.

      It has been a while since I've properly checked in, and I have things to report.

      First, as an excuse, allow me to mention again that I am a parent of young children, a full time high school teacher, sessional faculty member and academic researcher. It pains me that I cannot take the time required to make speedy progress on my Hum work - the Deming Box experiment in particular. 

      1. My trip to central Canada (the quiet zone on the Hum Map). I went to an isolated Island in the Lake of the Woods, near Kenora, Ontario, and all was quiet for a few days. Then, on the third day, it came. And just like at home, at around 56-58 Hz. I could notice it well into the morning and, because the ambient noise is so low at night, I sensed the Hum as loud. This is a very special place for me, having enjoyed a quiet refuge there for almost 40 years. And I must admit that I was hoping very much that I could escape the Hum there as well. No such luck, and I am disappointed. 

      2. The city of Winnipeg was inconclusive, because there is really no place in Winnipeg where one can escape traffic noise. From my Mom's place in Winnipeg I could the dull whine of trucks on the Trans Canada Highway, and therefore I could not tell whether the Hum was present.

      3. The Windsor Hum. Steven Yaccino, who has done a number of pieces for the New York Times, is writing a feature-length piece for the Chicagoan magazine, and my impression is that he will be making reference to this forum and the Hum Map. I'll keep you posted.

      4. Adam Makarenko's Hum documentary. Apparently Adam is rescheduling with me for filming during September, although I've heard nothing recently.

      5. The Hum intensity during September. Here near the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, near Gibsons, BC, the Hum has been very loud; so much so that for the first time I personally understand what people are reporting when they say that they can feel vibrations in their bodies. What an awful nuisance.

      6. Microwaves do not cause the Hum. There is no doubt that there can be an auditory effect from microwaves at powerful levels, but those perceived sounds are nothing like the Hum and there is a plethora of evidence - some of it very basic - that rules out microwaves as the cause of the classic Hum.

      7. I was trying to be gentle when I recently asked what a "LF Microwave" is. In my view, one of the biggest obstacles to serious Hum research is that there are a number of commentators on the topic who clearly do not have a basic grasp of some very basic science. I am not a professional working scientist - rather, I am a high school teacher who has a decent background in these topics. But I must admit that it is mildly frustrating to have to backtrack and cover the same ground time and again. For those who want a quick refresher on a few of these topics, I've put together some brief readings on the research blog at www.thehum.info. I encourage readers to go over them and to let me know if you have questions or concerns.

      8. The Hum map is waiting for a big upload, at least 400 map points (including a few new ones of my own). I'll look for the time to do that this weekend.

      So as far as I'm concerned it has not been a great couple of months in world of Hum research. But, again, it's time to focus, ignore the sillier stuff, and solve the Hum.


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