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RE: HUM_FORUM: Re: G W E N towers: Hum travels for at least 300 miles in all directions

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  • Bill Curry
    Hi folks, Check your records: the GWEN system was discontinued several years ago, when GPS based navigation systems were introduced. Also, in the 1990 s I
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      Hi folks,

      Check your records: the  GWEN system was discontinued several years ago, when GPS based navigation systems were introduced.  Also, in the 1990's I did a review of the potetial harmful effects of HAARP (if any) and concluded (by studying the patents associated with it, because a citizens group in Alaska asked my employer at the time (Argonne National Laboratory) about any potential hazards.  What I found was that the notion of terrestrial weather modification  by disturbing the ionosphere with microwave radiation was very unlikely, because the inventor's description of the means of exciting the ionosphere did not include a discussion of the loss of energy from the exciting HAARP beam due to synchrotron radiation.  Thus the inventor's expectation of raising the height of portions of the ionosphere by irradiation from earth was not likely to be achieved.



      Bill P. Curry. retired physicist


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      I just want to 'haarp" in and say I agree with the idea that haarp and the
      like is very high on my list of suspicion for the source of the hum207...


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      Hi Magdalene,
      Yes, both GWEN and HAARP have been considered many times over the years,(if
      you search the previous posts you will find many posts about this),and while
      i personally feel that this is one of the major causes,in combination with
      the other Electromagnetic Frequencies from such things as Mobile Phone
      Masts,and the Natural Earth Vibrations all clashing together and causing an
      interference pattern effect,most people on here do not think this is the
      cause and generally consider the suggestion as "conspiracy theory mumbo

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      > Has anyone on this forum considered the G W E N towers which are part of
      the H A A R P network?
      > There is quite a bit of info online and on YouTube too.
      > Sorry haven't got the time to send links now but if you do your research
      you may well find some interesting info.
      > The point is that the hum is global. It's not coming from a
      building/plant or one area. I travel a lot with my work and have noticed
      its presence for the past 5 years at least as I'm quite a night owl and I
      hear it most when it's quiet at night. It doesn't matter whether you are in
      a city, the countryside or deep in nature somewhere, it can be heard
      everywhere. The GWEN towers are the only thing that makes sense to me
      because of how far the sound travels in all directions.
      > The best way of dealing with psycho-tronics (the invisible use of sound to
      affect human consciousness) is to develop the ability to become transparent
      to the sound. If we create resistance to something it persists and can
      cause an effect. If we become like water, and have no fear, then it ceases
      to have power over us. However, I am not saying this lightly. Clearing
      your body of fear is an ongoing practice that takes time because we have
      been so heavily programmed/influenced our whole lives. It doesn't mean that
      you won't hear the sound anymore, it just means that its desire to control
      you can no longer exist because you have fully empowered and awakened
      yourself beyond that silly little game they're playing. We have the power
      to overcome anything because God is more potent than anything the powers
      that be try to do and I have seen the planetary shift and I know that we
      make it. Interestingly, the main way humanity will achieve this shift is
      using sound but using frequencies that are harmonious to our consciousness
      and our bodies instead.
      > Also one of the main ways of helping deal with the build up in our bodies
      of these negative frequencies (and this includes cellphones, wifi,
      computers, SMART meters, DECT cordless phones) is to regularly get our bare
      feet on the earth as most footwear stops the communication our feet would
      otherwise naturally have with the Earth. We have more nerve endings on our
      feet than we do on our hands. The Creator didn't get it wrong! Check out
      Clinton Ober's book "Earthing" for more info.
      > All the best 2u all
      > The Magdalene


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