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  • lfn1956
    From: David Deming Date: Sat Oct 30, 2004 4:39 pm Subject: Indianapolis Hum ... Hi David, First, thank you for creating this forum on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2004
      From: David Deming <profdeming@c...>
      Date: Sat Oct 30, 2004 4:39 pm
      Subject: Indianapolis Hum

      >I find it highly interesting that the Hum which was formerly
      >prominent in Kokomo, is now in Indianapolis.

      >Howabout some of the Indianapolis hearers contacting the
      >Indianapolis Star to see if you can get them to cover
      >the story in a serious way?

      >In other instances, when someone finally broke the ice
      >and contacted the local newspaper, the newspaper was
      >subsequently deluged by hundreds of letters from hearers.

      >--David Deming
      >Norman, Oklahoma

      Hi David,

      First, thank you for creating this forum on the hum. I was so glad
      to find a forum on it. So many people understand here what it is
      like to try to cope with this noise.

      I also am wondering just where and the extent of the hum in Indiana.
      I imagine there are more people affected, but very few want to say
      anything even on the web. I hope more people though will come
      forward at least on this forum and express their experiences and any
      insights. This all has such a stigma to it, because most people do
      not hear this.

      The way the hum is portrayed I would be very reluctant to go to the
      media. It is frustrating to feel we can't more openly find out what
      is causing this. The hum brings with it a lot of undesirable
      attentions from people. They can be curious as well as very cruel.

      Sometimes this hum that I hear is a droning tone and other times it
      can seem like a very distant sound of a bassing stereo. I'm thinking
      when I hear what seems like bassing it is something else mixing with
      the hum? It was this bassing signature in which I first started
      noticing the hum. When it's like that I feel like this home is like
      a resonance of a kettle drum.

      >From: "Anne" <llamavalley@e...>
      >Date: Sat Oct 30, 2004 8:54 pm
      >Subject: Re: HUM_FORUM: Thanks for the welcome to this forum

      >I am glad you found the fan to help mask the hum. I could not make
      >it without one. You will probably notice if you do not have
      >anything to break the constant humming sound that you somehow
      >become entrained to it. This will only make its effects even more
      >enhanced. The fan really helps, but when the hum is very bad, I
      >know its there even if I can't hear it. The way it makes your
      >entire body feels revved up and stressed

      Hi Anne,

      The electric fans have kept my sanity and ability to sleep most of
      the time. I have several different ones depending on the strength of
      the hum.

      The worst part for me has been trying to sleep. When I get to that
      point just on the edge of sleep..that is when I noticed it the most
      and it would wake me back up.

      From: James Dame <50088@u...>
      Date: Sun Oct 31, 2004 12:04 am
      Subject: Re: HUM_FORUM: Thanks for the welcome to this forum

      >I haven't posted on the forum for a while, but in one of my
      >previous posts I
      >mentioned that I have found an inexpensive product
      >that works very well for me in considerably reducing the hum. The
      >product is
      >silicone ear plugs, which can be found in the ear
      >care section of most drug stores. The directions on the package say
      >to not push
      >the plugs into the ear canal. However, I found
      >that by VERY CAREFULLY pushing the plugs into the ear canal the hum
      >diminishes, and, in some cases, stops. This depends
      >on the intensity of the hum. This technique has kept me almost sane
      >for most of
      >this last year.

      I have tried regular foam earplugs in the past, but they only seemed
      to enhance low-frequencies. Thanks for the suggestion, I will give
      the silicone earplugs a try.

      It seems we try the best we can to find ways to cope with the hum.
      It can really get to me when I do not have something to block it.
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