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  • Soozie
    Steve, I do not have these issues in my home nor in my body. I am sorry if you suffer in this way. I really feel for those of you who do have all of the other
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      I do not have these issues in my home nor in my body. I am sorry if you suffer in this way.
      I really feel for those of you who do have all of the other problems and symptoms associated with BPL and all of the other forms of technology. This is why I bother myself to post some of the coping products and methods that I have posted to the forum since I joined. Coping is my weapon of choice since our numbers are so small we do not have any chance of changing the whole system. I already suffer from 2 chronic illnesses as I have told you all before. Both of them are what is called "orphan illnesses" this means that only a small percentage of the population have these illnesses. That fact results in little or no federal funds, legislation, nor research programs to reseach the cause or treatments etc. The hum situation is the same, lack of numbers of sufferers. The end result is that no matter how much science, research, data, symptom documentation etc. that we do will have little or no real impact in the end, unless more numbers of sufferers can be counted.
       People with my illnesses die from them and/or commit suicide because of the suffering involved. Even the numbers of documented deaths has not held the weight and impact that it should with our legislators.
       I am not telling any of you not to fight for what you believe in, but I am saying that I do not feel that my efforts are best served pursuing things as some of you do. I would fight in the same way if I felt it would effect a change. My life experience have proved to me that this would be a wasted effort for me, in terms of trying to remove BPL, smart grid or any of these wide spread technologies. If we had larger numbers of affected people who were willing to fight with us that would be a different thing all together in my opinion. 
       I do not have the time, strength, nor energy to pursue every possible cause of the hum and have taken the time to eliminate those theories that I feel do not apply to my hum here.
       I can easily rule out Gas lines, BPL, Smart grid, and smart meters as the source of my hum simply because of the four month silence I experienced this past year. None of those theoretical sources would shut down for 4 months, so that can't be it for me here!
       Pursuing the answer as to why BPL might transduce into floors and bodies etc. is far from what I need to examine for myself here. I cannot save the world and am not going to try in this arena.  I have no questions what so ever about whether these technologies can or does adversly affect the human body negatively. The best I can do is write letters, sign worthy petitions, lend support when and how I can, and share coping methods. I am not going to try to take readings all over town and do all kinds of scientific tests that I cannot afford to invest in, much less pursuing a theory that I do not agree with from the get go.
       I wish you well with all of your endeavors and of course I am praying for the total success of the "movement" on the forum here. Should you all discover the hums origin and are able to get the authorities to listen to you then you should know that I am out here cheering you on! I am a person of limited funds as well as limited physical ability and desire to do lay testing of theories. The govt will only have to re-do all of the science themselves for it to be considered science fact enough for them to make the necessary changes to correct things. As scientists you all know that is true.
       I was only answering your direct question with my reply to your earlier email.

      From: Steve Kohlhase <c_o_p_s_ne@...>
      To: "humforum@yahoogroups.com" <humforum@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Saturday, February 2, 2013 10:16 AM
      Subject: Re: HUM_FORUM: Re: Fw: Question
      Suzie -Just wonder what is thought to be mechanism that transduces the BPL signals to cause floors to vibrate and the hum ear and body pressure inside rooms where BPL is  present. 

      From: Soozie <soozieqty1@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, February 2, 2013 10:34 AM
      Subject: Re: HUM_FORUM: Re: Fw: Question
        They are saying that the smart meter systems, their components, and BPL lines are the source of the hum, and Lidia is convinced that I have BPL in my town and that that is what's causing my hum. That's how it got started, as far as I can recall.

      From: Copsne <c_o_p_s_ne@...>
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      Sent: Friday, February 1, 2013 12:44 PM
      Subject: Re: HUM_FORUM: Re: Fw: Question
      How do these things generate the hum we are all here about?  

      Appologize for being like a horse with blinkers, but would like to undertsand the cause and effect.  

      I can surely understand concerns of high levels of RF exposure as a topic 
      Sent from Steve's iPhone and I appologize for typo's
      On Feb 1, 2013, at 12:07 AM, "vanderhaden@..." <vanderhaden@...> wrote:
      Soozie, Look: http://www.broadband.gov/ The government of the USA itself is behind the broadband scam. Do yourself a big favor, and us too, and look at your government's website. I put that link on my previous post to the group. You must not have looked at all of it, just selected a few choice out of date things that documented some of the original battle. Here: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/humforum/message/16509 "The National Broadband Plan, Connecting America." Here's a link to "The Plan" http://www.broadband.gov/plan/ It is part of Obama's Stimulus Package. Remember that? We are wired just about all over the USA now. Getting more and more connections, as we type. Where it used to be profitless, good ole IBM has come up with everything rural America needs to hop on the broadband bandwagon. http://www.ibm.com/ibm/responsibility/broadband. And as I mentioned previously, the power companies have been using broadband for decades for troubleshooting, controlling, etc. Very rarely will you ever get the truth from those entities, especially about something as big as broadband. So Relax. We are Not the Enemy. Seriously. --- In mailto:humforum%40yahoogroups.com, Soozie wrote: > > Lidia, >  One of the main reasons that BPL has been effectively stopped in this country is because ... Bla Bla Bla...
    • Copsne
      Fits the theory Sent from Steve s iPhone and I appologize for typo s ... Fits the theory Sent from Steve s iPhone and I appologize for typo s On Feb 6, 2013,
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        Fits the theory

        Sent from Steve's iPhone and I appologize for typo's

        On Feb 6, 2013, at 8:44 AM, Tim Kramer <timkramer88@...> wrote:


        Thank you for the info about Natural Gas Piplines.  I now know I have Natural Gas Pipelines within 4 miles on three sides of my house.  I also found out a water main runs down the street behind my house.  This info sems to complicate the source of the hum.

        On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 5:00 PM, Copsne <c_o_p_s_ne@...> wrote:

        Tim go to NPMS Public Viewer and let me know where you are relative to interstate natural gas transmission lones. 

        Sent from Steve's iPhone and I appologize for typo's

        On Jan 31, 2013, at 7:07 AM, Tim Kramer <timkramer88@...> wrote:


        One thing for sure is your both up late or early risers. "The Hum" for me was so loud last night I was woke up by it and went into another room and turned on the humidifier and air filter to drowned out the hum. Tonight no discernible hum...weird. The hum comes and goes through the week. No long stoppage. Seems less on Holidays. I only hear the hum in my right hear. Cant hear it outside. It's loudest toward the west side of my house in Denver. (toward the mountains).
        I don't feel that it's the Power Lines but I don't think I ever heard it until the power company put a new meeter on my house. Coincidence? Kind of think so. The power company gets my power usage over the power lines. They never come out to read the meters. I'm not sure if that's BPL or not?
        I'm focused on trying to form a hypothesis about if it's my hearing or external. I don't feel I have an answer I'm comfortable with. It seems so external but at one time I believed in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause.
        Difficult mystery for me.

        On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 3:50 AM, Soozie <soozieqty1@...> wrote:

         Whether the hum comes from BPL, gas lines, microwaves, or mother earth, what I can do is learn to cope and find as many methods as possible to do so, and that is what I am interested in most!

        From: lidia1313 <lidia1313@...>
        To: humforum@yahoogroups.com
        Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2013 3:20 AM
        Subject: HUM_FORUM: Re: Fw: Question
        No harassment here, Suzie. If there is a harassment, it comes from the Hum and its man made source. I posted many links for the use of those who are genuinely interested in the BPL as a source of the Hum. You obiously don't believe it, as your information comes from another source, other than Vicor Nixon, whose research you probably didn't bother to read. But this is the freedom of speech and I do not see harasment when people who have made a serious investigation, are spreading their knowledge to others, especially in the cases of Steve and Victor (whose idea I embrace). BPL has still been widely spread in your country and everywhere worldwide, it is a matter of use of a single piece of equipment, I am sorry to say it but it is a big cover up and it will not be stopped, as now it acts in desguise of the Smart Grid.
        I hope that your belief that the Hum has a natural source will be proved one day, but even if it is the case, what could you do if it is Mother Earth's act, not a human act of ignorance?
        Best to you,

        --- In mailto:humforum%40yahoogroups.com, Soozie wrote:
        > Lidia,
        >  One of the main reasons that BPL has been effectively stopped in this country is because they found that it interfered with emergency services and their ability to perform their jobs. The FCC has reversed their decision to implement the full scale use of BPL in the U.S.A. because of data indicating considerable interference with emergency service communication. The bottom line is that unless they replace every single unshielded inch of power lines in this country BPL will never be in wide spread use here. As I told you before, our infrastructure cannot handle it in it's current state. This is also the major reason that most places where it was implemented have now been shut down in the U.S.A. today. Our HAM radio operators here in the U.S. managed to assemble enough science data and research to stop it's implementation here and so they have accomplished the task they set out to do and were totally successful. There is no further need for more than
        > this here in the U.S.A.. You are VERY misinformed if you believe they have shut their mouths and/or have had no effect here in the U.S..
        >  Lidia, I am not here to tell you that your hum is not caused by BPL/BPOL where you live. I have no way to know that. What I can say for sure is that BPL/BPOL is NOT the cause of my hum here in northwest Indiana! There is NO DEBATING THIS  it is a FACT! I cannot explain to you why you hear any certain hum any certain place, nor can I explain why your body has the symptoms, sensations, and problems that it does, nor can any one else in this forum, and to expect that from this forum is an ill conceived notion at best. I have and will continue to send any helpful coping methods that come across, as I do have compassion for those that suffer more than I do. I am thankful to only hear it and not feel anything more from the hum here.
        >   I am only reporting to you the email exchange that I had with this scientist and any interpretation is on you. I am not in the position to debate Mr. Hare's credentials, nor his "worthiness" to discuss BPL with you, or the hum. I do not know if he hears the hum or not because I never asked him personal questions. You read the limit of my conversation with him. I personally do not feel that that it matters whether he hears the hum or not. Many scientist can research any number of subjects without being a sufferer too. Your bringing that up is mute. Not every hum sufferer is on this forum nor will they ever all be in attendance. To exclude non-hearers and/or to  discount their input is ignorant and non-productive in my opinion.
        >  Mr. Ed Hare has his own scientific fact based opinion and if that does not match up with what you believe to be true, that's not my problem. I am not touting Mr. Hare as being the worlds best authority on the hum at all, and you needn't spin it that way. He has a wide range of background experience and education in all of these areas and is in the position to render a learned opinion about BPL. This does not mean that you are required to accept what he has to say at all, so relax, no one is trying to take away your pet theory. I suggest you seek out the worlds best authority on BPL and or scientists whom you believe have the proper knowledge base and ask them what they have to say. I only pursued Mr. Hare's opinion because you were continually harassing me that there was working BPL in my neighborhood or town and that is completely inaccurate. I wanted to be sure that I was correct in stating that there is no BPL/BOPL here in my area and post that
        > to the forum so that I could end the harassment about it. Just because it may be in use near your home and you feel affected by it does not mean that the same applies for everyone. I don't much appreciate someone who has never been here insisting that there are gas lines or BPL lines near my home when I live here and I know for a fact there are none of these near here and have gone to great lengths to make sure of that as a fact.
        >  I came to this forum to find support and possibly coping methods, instead I find a lot of back biting and heavily biased opinionated brow beating. Not exactly what I was looking for, nor what I need to help me heal and/or cope with this menace. 
        > Suzie
        > From: lidia1313
        > To: mailto:humforum%40yahoogroups.com
        > Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 9:22 AM
        > Subject: HUM_FORUM: Re: Fw: Question
        > Hi, Suzie,
        > All I can see is that he is an expert in RF, this does not give him the credentials to discuss BPL as the Hum cause, apparently, he is not a Hum sufferer or he would be on this forum... I know that HAM operators had previously problems with the BPL but their voice is no londger heard since they got some sort of agreement with FCC, shutting their mouths.
        > Unfortunately my hero is dead and I am not as knowledgeable as him to prove or disprove anything, just have been trying to open people's eyes by suggesting to go deeper and explore what Victor Nixon has found, after 2 long years of Hum suffering and research backed up by science, measurments etc.
        > Can Ed Hare explain me why I heard the Hum so close to the medium voltage lines and the white noise that was emanating from them (same as in my bedroom and house)? And why when I moved away a few metres from the power lines, the Hum stopped? Maybe I should write him and ask...
        > Lidia
        > --- In mailto:humforum%40yahoogroups.com, Steve Kohlhase wrote:
        > >
        > > Ah! He's near me.  Southington.   Up that way along route 84 towards Hartford  there are hum reports up that way, as well as my testing and confirmation in West Hartford.  I wonder if he senses the hum??
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > > ________________________________
        > > From: Soozie
        > > To: "mailto:humforum%40yahoogroups.com"
        > > Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 6:05 AM
        > > Subject: Re: HUM_FORUM: Re: Fw: Question
        > >
        > >
        > >  
        > >
        > > Lidia,
        > >  Please try reading the links before trying to berate my opinions and valid presentations of science fact!
        > >    I had posted this before but you didn't look at it, aparently! This is a copy of the http://www.arrl.org/  web page giving Mr. Hare's credentials:
        > >  
        > > The people who work in the ARRL Lab have a broad range of Amateur Radio and professional experience, ranging from QRP to microwave and electromagnetic compatibility to RF equipment testing.   They support ARRL in a number of technical areas, from serving on professional industry committees in leadership roles to creating a world-class web page of technical information.  
        > >  
        > > Ed Hare, W1RFI-
        > > ARRL Laboratory Manager
        > > Employed by ARRL since 1986
        > > Member:  Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE)
        > > Member : IEEE Connecticut Executive Committee- Chair
        > > Member:  IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society Member:  IEEE
        > > Standards Association
        > > Member:  IEEE EMC Society Standards Development Committee- Secretary
        > > Member:  IEEE BPL EMC Working Group, Std. 1775  - Vice Chair
        > > Member:  ANSI asc C63EMC Committee - Subcommittee 5, Immunity - Vice Chair
        > > Member:  QRP-Amateur Radio Club InternationalBoard of Directors
        > > Represents Amateur Radio on various industry committees and working groups
        > > Areas of expertise: EMC, RF safety, servicing equipment, QRP, HF mobile, CW
        > > First licensed in 1963. After 16 years in the electronics industry, he came to ARRL HQ in 1986.
        > > He has been with ARRL HQ for over 13 years. He started as ARRL's "Product Review" test engineer, moved on to becoming ARRL's "RFI guru" (notice his call!) and he now holds the position of Laboratory Supervisor.
        > > Over the years he has written quite a number of RFI articles, ranging from articles for QST and the "ARRL Handbook" to articles that have appeared in professional
        > > trade journals. He is also one of the editors and authors of the ARRL "RFI Book" and the author of the ARRL's book on RF exposure, "RF Exposure and You."
        > > He is very active in several RFI programs at ARRL, holding membership on the Society of Automotive Engineers EMC Committee, the IEEE C.63 Committee and IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 28, representing ARRL and the interests of Amateur Radio in developing standards for the immunity of consumer equipment and motor vehicles and standards for RF exposure.
        > > Ed Hare,
        > > W1RFIARRL Laboratory Supervisor
        > > 225 Main St.Newington, CT 06111
        > > (860) 594-0318 (860) 594-0318 FREE 
        > >  w1rfi@
        > >  
        > > He is more than qualified to discuss this subject and could easily be considered an expert. As to his personal bias about BOPL, all of the ARRL members rallied together and mounted a nation wide campaign against the implementation of BOPL
        > > in the United States and that group is largely responsible for stopping it's expansion as well as starting pending legislation regarding these matters. They took their complaint before the U.S. Congress. Their reason for this strong reaction was because BOPL interferes with HAM radio transmissions as well as other Amature radio activities and these types of radio operations are imeritive for the safety of the United States especially in the even of any disaster. My husband has been a payed member for many many years and is also a HAM radio operator, N9ODM.
        > >  If you had bothered to check the links I posted with the information you would have read his background already. He is FAR from lazy and is not a reporter. He is a fully trained scientist in this field and a published author too. http://www.arrl.org/shop/RF-Exposure-and-You He also is a regular contributor to the ARRL magazine.
        > >  If you have questions please feel free to write him with any and all of your questions.
        > > w1rfi@
        > >

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