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Re: hum theory

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  • Bart
    This is my first message that I have posted here but I have read quite a few of the previous messages and generally agree with humhaukka below and Kevin
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 3, 2013
      This is my first message that I have posted here but I have read quite a
      few of the previous messages and generally agree with "humhaukka" below
      and Kevin Hawthorne "skybluepony" in their observations. I also have
      generated a 207 Hz frequency tone file as suggested by "string" and was
      pleasantly surprised how this frequency immediately masks the hum and
      also eliminates the acoustic pressure I feel in my right ear.

      I have noted that many of you also seem to hear this hum only in their
      "right ears" and am wondering if anyone has been able to put any
      scientific sense to this? My right ear is not as "good" as my left ear
      so I would expect to hear it in my left ear ....but no...only in my
      right ear with accompanying acoustic pressure.

      I appreciate all of your inputs in to trying to figure out this mess.
      At first I was holding to the theory of ELF waves and the GWEN and cell
      towers creating this phenomena, but I am lately tending to believe that
      this is even more widespread and potentially due to plate tectonic
      stresses and shifting. However, I am open to all explanations in trying
      to get an answer. If anyone wants to generate a 207 Hz tone file that
      is 30 seconds in length and then loops itself back over and over
      again....go to this web site: http://onlinetonegenerator.com/

      Happy New Year fellow hummers!

      --- In humforum@yahoogroups.com, "humhaukka" wrote:
      > I think Kevin has really found basic hum signal:
      > http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/humforum/message/16095
      > Kevin tells that signal's center frequency is always 34,5 hz.
      > One harmonic of 34,5 hz is intresting,6x34,5 hz=207 hz,frequency that
      helps us block the hum and 34,5 hz and 207 hz seems to be components of
      one external signal.
      > If we mix 200 hz and 214 hz we get center frequency 207 hz and 14 hz
      tone which is a stress creating brainwave frequency.
      > If we mix 200 hz,207 hz and 214 hz we get dominating frequency 7 hz
      which is a relaxing brainwave frequency.
      > http://www.rainfall.com/cdroms/brainwave.htm
      > My theory is that 14 hz brainwave affects all and makes some people
      hear the hum due to differences in our bodies and nervous systems.
      > The source of the hum seems to be external and spectral analysis of
      Kevins hum recordings could help see the whole mechanism behind this
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